Part cookbook, part luxury lifestyle magazine and travelogue, JAN the Journal captures the places my team and I have explored in recent months, what I’ve been up to and what my feelings around food are every six months.

Through a carefully curated collection of over 50 tried-and-tested recipes, an array of articles, travelogues and guides – the book takes the reader on a unique tour of France. Starting in Jan Hendrik’s adopted home town of Nice, we journey to the ancient port city of Marseille, then chronicle the culinary riches of Toulouse and France’s Southwest, eventually ending up in Paris, where we discover the French Capital in a whole new light, complete with a gastronomic shopping guide and an ode to Jan Hendrik’s grandmother Maria’s “fancier”, French-inspired dishes.


volume 6

In this volume of JAN the Journal, we captured stories from across France, literally one month before the world was turned on its head, and continued to craft this beautiful book during lockdown.

The result is, quite simply, the most evocative Journal we’ve produced to date, 340 pages filled with over 50 tried and tested, French and South African recipes, thought-provoking stories, informative guides, and inspiring travelogues.

“I hope this book reminds you to look for the beauty in life. I want it to ‘live’ with you – to inspire you to make a cassoulet (even if it takes you three days), to discover a new appreciation for butter, perfume, or tassels, and to grow with you as you expand your horizons, just as it has expanded mine. Above all, I hope this book reminds you that you deserve to have joy in your life.”


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