Cointreau Kalahari Cooler

This is like a fruit salad in cocktail form – summer in a glass – perfect for a poolside party or treat for two on one of those sweltering December days.



For the Fruit salad juice 

Place 500g of pawpaw,150g of spanspek and 250ml of orange juice in a blender and purée until smooth.

To make the drink, add ice to your glass of choice, add 50ml of Cointreau, an orange wheel, blueberries and melon pieces, add melon skin garnish, pour in 150-200ml of the ‘juice’ mixture and voila.

Optional: you could make this for a pitcher serve also which would create that idea of sharing with friends at a nice summer lunch and look nice for an Instagram pic. Just use the ration of 1 part Cointreau to 3 or 4 parts juice.