Part lifestyle magazine, part coffee-table cookbook, the Journal is a biannual publication that chronicles Jan Hendrik and his team’s creative journey. Every issue comprises around 300 pages filled with over 50 tried-and-tested recipes and a variety of stories about everything ranging from food and ingredients to an appreciation of the finer things.


In this milestone issue marking five years of publication, JAN the Journal Volume 10 is one of Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen’s most personal Journals yet. Through a captivating collection of travel stories from Spain, Tel Aviv and Singapore, he reflects on his experiences of street food, fame, anonymity and life during a transformative year in which he turned 40. And in a revealing prologue, Jan Hendrik and his team look back at the ten covers of the Journal for the first time, sharing the thought, creativity and inside stories behind each image. As always, the book also explores our relationship with food in a light-hearted way that looks at concepts like playing with your food, sonic seasoning and reimagining dishes from the past.

“For this issue, I’m honouring everyone who has had a hand in bringing the Journal to life over the years by putting them on the cover with me. I cannot be prouder of this team, and of this gorgeous issue!”




In the début issue of JAN the Journal, Jan Hendrik reveals the recipes behind some of his most innovative creations, served at his Michelin-star restaurant, JAN, and featured on his television show. An epicurean voyage of discovery awaits, exploring the big wide world of what we eat and where it comes from, with a special focus on South African ingredients and recipes. Volume 1 also includes a visit to the Kalahari – long before the birth of KLEIN JAN – where Jan Hendrik shares his recipe for sand bread. And through a beautiful collection of black and white photographs, Jan Hendrik shares his personal experiences of the beautiful hilltop village of Apricale.


As ever, JAN the Journal Volume 2 is a collector’s item. Boasting a collection of the finest art photography, foolproof recipes and entertaining and informative stories, the Journal looks equally as good on your bookshelf as it does on your coffee table. Summer in the city of Nice becomes the focal point of this volume, starting with a story about La Villa Santo Sospir, where artists like Matisse and Picasso once whiled away their summers, and pays a visit to the fascinating Villa Ephrussi de Rothchild. And closer to home, Volume 2 explores the culinary riches of Kwazulu-Natal with a foodie journey from the Midlands to the tropical reaches of the North Coast.


Volume 3 of JAN the Journal blows in a fresh gust of culinary inspiration. As ever, the Journal brings you to a pause, allowing you to think, to dream, and to allow things to pass. Throughout the pages of this beautiful volume, a theme of beautiful decay emerges that leads us to consider our intriguing relationship with this aspect of food – or indeed of life – the fermentation of food and wine, and its preservation. In this volume, Jan Hendrik shares his personal experiences of his travels through Japan and Vietnam, sharing recipes ranging from soups and broths to katsu, puddings and pies.


JAN the Journal Volume 4 takes a glamorous look at the world of food and continues to wow with an eclectic mix of at home restaurants and deep-dive reads on a range of engaging topics, like Switzerland’s culinary contribution to the world, the fascinating evolution of the Salade Niçoise and the history of napkin folding. And on our first visit to a true Kalahari artisan, we discover the many uses and benefits of camel milk. Volume 4 also boasts a fabulous array of recipes, including innovative egg-based breakfast dishes, Jan Hendrik’s favourite braai recipes and for the sweet tooth, a collection of South Africa’s favourite tarts.


In this volume of JAN the Journal, we captured stories from across France one month before the world was turned on its head, and continued to craft this beautiful book in South Africa during the lockdown. The result is a beautifully escapist range of stories, with a visit to Castelnaudery – the birthplace of the historic dish Cassoulet – an exploration of Nice during winter, a foodie visit to the richly cultured and historic city of Toulouse, a culinary and cultural visit to the eternally enchanting city of Paris, and a collection of French-inspired, home cooked, wholesome and unpretentious recipes.


JAN the Journal Volume 6 draws inspiration from the magic and myth of the African continent — starting with a case for the Great South African Road Trip as the book journeys from the Karoo to the Kalahari. We later visit an exotic date farm on the Namibian border as well as the local artisans of the region, and even revive the legend of the Lost City of the Kalahari while spinning a yarn about the discovery of a collection of innovative culinary artefacts left behind by an ancient civilisation. But amidst the romance, the book also investigates important topics such as honey production in South Africa, the country’s proud Muscadel heritage, and even the realities of living off the grid. The book also reveals the inspiration and design behind Klein JAN, which has never before been made public.


As we take our first steps, kaalvoet on Kalahari sand, the Journal, which has narrated our journey for almost four years now, must evolve too. For the first time since the Journal’s launch in 2018, Volume 7 has been chapterised into four points of view, each representing a different pillar of the JAN brand – JAN Innovation Studio, Restaurant JAN, Klein JAN and Tswalu Kalahari – and reveals Jan Hendrik and his team’s culinary journey by sharing every recipe’s development process step by step. As with every issue of the Journal, a strong theme of heritage anchors the recipes in the book, but each legacy recipe has also been reimagined for a modern palate, showing both dishes and their recipes side by side. Taking its cue from these culinary innovations, Volume 7 explores the future of food and investigates the core skills needed to master ingredients and flavours to use them more creatively like never before! And in a beautiful Kalahari-infused visual essay, Jan Hendrik takes you on a personal tour of Klein JAN and the land that shapes his soul.


I’ve always believed that what makes the Journal so special is that we allow ourselves a lot of freedom. Every page of local and international content is original – produced in-house – and takes you on a personal journey of discovery through the world of food as we experience it. In Volume Eight, I share a personal conversation I had with world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura, one of my idols, and visit Chanel’s perfumery in Grasse during a jasmine harvest. But this edition also takes on some of the bigger topics around food, such as our relationship with eating, and imagines a world without plastic. Through a series of beautiful fashion shoots, the book also explores the joys of gelato and looks at fashion’s survivalist movement, which is a way of life at Klein JAN. And in a leisurely travelogue section, Journal  heads to Mozambique to visit an exotic, completely self-sustaining community on the Nhamabwue peninsula.

Now more than ever, I am reminded that on this journey of ours, change is the only constant. To my tribe, the Journal is our roadmap filled with the discoveries we made together. My greatest wish is that Volume 8 fills you with the inspiration you need to venture into new, uncharted territory, and that you open yourself up to new experiences.


JAN the Journal Volume 9 is a visual feast of the things Jan Hendrik holds most dear, and that spark true joy. For the first time, Jan Hendrik invites you into his home in Nice and for a spot of lunch in the enchanting JAN Garden. We also meet a wonderful array of individuals all across his French home town, including an ancient grain baker, a food writer specialising in Niçoise cuisine, and even a wand maker. Included in Volume 9 is a special travel supplement – perfectly sized for slipping into your bag – filled with Jan Hendrik’s personal recommendations of places to visit in the city of Nice. And for the first time since Volume 1, he takes you back to Apricale for an escape into the Italian countryside.

In the balance between the cityscapes of Nice and the raw, earthy charm of Apricale, nature becomes central to the book. Volume 9 explores gardens and the roles they play in our lives – whether as a source of growing food or simply as places of pure pleasure – and in a highly informative wellness article, the Knysna forests create a beautiful respite from the stresses of our day-to-day existence.


JAN the Journal // Volume One - Ten

“I hope this book reminds you to look for the beauty in life. I want it to ‘live’ with you – to inspire you to make a cassoulet (even if it takes you three days), to discover a new appreciation for butter, perfume, or tassels, and to grow with you as you expand your horizons, just as it has expanded mine. Above all, I hope this book reminds you that you deserve to have joy in your life.”