The Dom Pedro is as South African as bazaar pannekoek and milk tart – and is one of those classics that you can dress up or down to suit the occasion – no matter where you’re from.

The grand Dom


Add 500ml vanilla ice cream, 50 ml Musgrave Copper Vanilla Flavoured Pot Still Brandy and 150ml whipping cream to a blender and blend until silky smooth.

Pour the mixture out into two beautiful coupes or wine glasses and garnish with Protea petals. You can also grate dark chocolate over it. Serve immediately

It’s that classic, flexible dessert cocktail that, whenever someone utters the words, “What happened to the Dom Pedro?” makes a comeback Madonna might be envious of.

This recipe was inspired by the Great South African Road Trip taken from the Karoo to the Kalahari in JAN the Journal Volume 6.

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