Primal Position

What does your sleeping position say about your personality?

They say we can spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, or attempting to do so, so it’s imperative that we spend it feeling comfortable. Going to sleep might feel as subconscious as breathing does, but the odds are you have a sleeping position preference, even if you’re not aware of it, and you are likely sleeping in the position you did as a child.

Much like any other body language, our sleep preferences can say something about what’s going on in our minds and hearts. In fact, there has been more than one study conducted to try and link our resting positions with our personality traits, with sleep psychologists saying these personal moments say a lot about us. Here are a few of our go-to sleep positions and what they likely mean about our personalities.

The mummy
Sleeping with your arms over your chest can be seen as a form of self-soothing and could indicate that you’re feeling anxious, defensive or frustrated, or if the tales of Dracula are to be believed, you might be a vampire. In all likelihood, crossing your arms while you’re sleeping is a subconscious means of protecting yourself and could indicate you have a caring, sensitive and kind personality when people get to know you.

The foetal position
Studies suggest this is the most common position for sleepers, especially for women, even if it’s a position you only comfortably settle into once you’ve dosed off. This sleeping position, characterised by sleeping on your side curled up into a ball, suggests the sleeper is likely slightly more reserved, if not outright shy. They’re also likely to have a high level of self-preservation, a hallmark sign of maturity. Unfortunately for any partners sleeping in the same bed this may mean receiving a knee to your back while you sleep.

The officer
This position is characterised by lying on your back with your arms straight at your side, similar to how a soldier stands guard. Sleeping like this usually leads to heavy breathing or snoring but is one of the healthiest positions in terms of your spine alignment and back pain. Personality wise, people who sleep like this tend to keep to themselves, and might have a tougher exterior with strangers, but you’re definitely worth getting to know!

The mountain climber
Lying flat on your stomach with one arms and and leg extended is referred to as ‘the mountain climber’. While this isn’t a super popular position, people who sleep like this tend to have open and brave personalities, marching to the beat of their own drum!

A tip: Sleeping in this position can lead to tension in your lower back or neck, so try sleep with a soft pillow or no pillow at all if this is your preference.

The stargazer AKA the bodybuilder
If you like to lie on your back with your arms up near your head, similar to how you would if you were stargazing or showing off your arm muscles, you’re likely a super open and trustworthy person. You’re also likely a great listener and someone who likes to let others be the centre of attention.

Health-wise, this position is perfect for people who suffer from acid reflux as it keeps the oesophagus elevated above the stomach.

 The usain bolt
A very popular position, sleeping on your side is an indication of being easy, open and trusting, while bending one leg is an indication of ambition and energy. If you share a bed with a partner and like to sleep on your side facing them, you are likely a very affectionate and trusting partner, while sleeping with your back to them is an indication of independence. 

 The baby koala
Science has long suggested the health benefits of spooning and cuddling a partner while sleeping. Physical closeness with a loved one literally triggers the release of oxytocin in the brain, which can relieve pain, boost your immune system and alleviate stress. As for single people, don’t worry, if you have a habit of spooning a pillow you can get the same release  and will likely get to sleep faster. If you’re a pillow hugger or person spooner at bedtime you’re likely a naturally loveable person who cherishes their close relationships.

The thigh master
Putting a pillow between your legs while sleeping keeps your pelvis neutral and prevents your spine from rotating during the night and is a good idea for anyone experiencing pain from a herniated disc or sciatica. If you like sleeping like this it likely means you’re a go-getter who makes a plan under pressure and improvises without skipping a beat, well done!