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When a Merlot Meets Apricale

Amidst the culinary wonders and serene beauty we experience during the JAN Voyage, I find solace in a simple ritual – drinking a glass of exquisite wine. This time, De Grendel’s Merlot 2021, with its smooth and well-rounded texture, was the perfect companion

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Passeggiata: The Walk After the Feast

Picture this: Long tables outstretched with delicious dishes made from only the finest and freshest produce, glasses overflowing with wine, and a breathtaking view. In October, you’ll experience feasts the JAN Voyage-way. There’s very little we can do about our need to feast, and our urge for passeggiata. Even science agrees.

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The Balance Between Inspire and Aspire

Inspiration is the heartbeat of creativity, the unseen force that drives us to create, innovate, and push boundaries. For chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, inspiration is not a fleeting moment but a constant pursuit, a delicate balance between finding and being an inspiration. During his recent reflections, Jan Hendrik shared his insights on this intricate dance—how he draws from the world around him and, in turn, becomes a source of inspiration for others

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Escape to the Boland

Nestled in the heart of Franschhoek, a perfect hideaway allows you to not only recharge and enjoy the beauty of nature, but also immerse yourself in the charm of the beautiful Boland village.

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A Haven of the West Coast

One of my favourite things to do when I come home is to look for a beautiful, quiet place to spend a few days just to recharge. And recently, during my visit to South Africa, I found a haven on the West Coast.

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