JAN the Journal Volume 10

Exploring the incredible world of wine language

The wine world is an endlessly fascinating place. There’s the science behind the cultivation of the grapes – an ancient practice known as viticulture by the experts (mental note) – then, there’s taking all of that knowledge and turning it into wine (viniculture). From here, the real fun starts with fermentation (hello, alcohol), skin contact (determines the colour and tannin structure), some more fermentation and long periods of rest, until it ends up in the bottle, which of course, is where we come in.

It is also at this point that wine offers us a unique glimpse into human behaviour. How you approach wine, how you treat and consume it says a lot more about you than you realise.

In JAN the Journal Volume 10 we explore the world of wine etiquette and reveal what your wine language says about you.

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