JAN the Journal Volume Eight


In Volume 8, which marks the Journal’s fourth year of publication, Jan Hendrik shares a personal conversation with world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura, one of his idols, and visits Chanel’s perfumery in Grasse during a jasmine harvest. But this edition also takes on some of the bigger topics around food, such as our relationship with eating, and imagines a world without plastic. Through a series of beautiful fashion shoots, the book also explores the joys of gelato and looks at fashion’s survivalist movement, a way of life at Klein JAN. And in a leisurely travelogue section, Journal 8 heads to Mozambique to visit an exotic, completely self-sustaining community on the Nhamabwue peninsula.

Volume 8 was also printed on a new, coated and compressed paper stock that makes the book’s breathtaking photography come alive like never before – but that has resulted in a sleeker, sexier Journal filled with timeless, evocative content – a truly beautiful, thrilling issue.

Now more than ever, change is the only constant. The Journal has become our culture, a roadmap filled with the discoveries we made together with you. Our greatest wish is that Volume 8 fills you with the inspiration you need to venture into new, uncharted territory, and that you open yourself up to new experiences.

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