JAN the Journal Volume Nine


JAN the Journal Volume 9 is a visual feast of the things Jan Hendrik holds most dear, and that spark true joy. For the first time, Jan Hendrik invites you into his home in Nice and for a spot of lunch in the enchanting JAN Garden. We also meet a wonderful array of individuals all across his French home town, including an ancient grain baker, a food writer specialising in Niçoise cuisine, and even a wand maker. Included in Volume 9 is a special travel supplement – perfectly sized for slipping into your bag – filled with Jan Hendrik’s personal recommendations of places to visit in the city of Nice. And for the first time since Volume 1, he takes you back to Apricale for an escape into the Italian countryside.

In the balance between the cityscapes of Nice and the raw, earthy charm of Apricale, nature becomes central to the book. Volume 9 explores gardens and the roles they play in our lives – whether as a source of growing food or simply as places of pure pleasure – and in a highly informative wellness article, the Knysna forests create a beautiful respite from the stresses of our day-to-day existence.

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