JAN Wooden Rolling Pin


Not a lot of people know this, but I started my career in pastry, and after all this time baking still holds a special place in my heart. Most bakers I know – even veteran bakers – still get so excited when when a perfectly risen loaf comes out of the oven, and I’m no exception. There are, of course, countless gadgets and gizmos to help you bake like a pro, but in my mind, every baker – no matter what your level of experience – needs a good, no-frills range of baking utensils. This is my personal range of can’t-do-without bakeware.

A wooden rolling pin plays an important part to the success of every baker’s cake, cookie or pie. This 50 cm wooden pin is hand-carved in France and will do the pastry tricks needed. Just remember the dough.

Product of France

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 50 cm