The Reimagining of Ernie Els Winery

 For many months now, Ernie Els Winery – an icon of the Stellenbosch Wine Route – has been undergoing extensive renovations to bring a fresh perspective on their prime position between the city of Stellenbosch and the Helderberg Mountains. Beyond granite boulders, a passage now leads through to a wooden, farmhouse-style doorway that opens onto a homely, expansive tasting room and restaurant where you can indulge in the estate’s exceptional wines and hearty, farm-style cuisine. But the journey to reimagining an icon is always a very considered one – and every step in the process was carefully and meticulously taken.

After 20 years since its founding, Ernie Els Winery responded to the winds of change, and made the decision to thoroughly modernise the estate along with its brand, which had always exuded a sense of easy-going luxury.

The vision of the new design was “to bring the outside in”, incorporating the surroundings – with its sweeping vistas of the Helderberg Mountains and earthy, botanical elements of fynbos – into the very fibre of its architecture. Standing at the tip to the T shape of the building, for instance, you will be able to see the entire winery in all directions. And on a good day, even Table Mountain will be visible in the distance.

Many Stellenbosch wineries tend to draw from the region’s proud, 300-year-old history, but as a relatively young winery, Ernie Els has sought rather to draw from its own heritage – an evolution of itself. While the winery has remained faithful to its roots – retaining its original look and feel, including its layout – but upgrading its facilities and equipment in response to the latest technologies.

The granite used in the new design is in reference to the abundance of granite in the estate’s soils, while the iconic doors that greet you upon entry were made from the wood of reclaimed wine barrels from Bordeaux (also the winery’s signature wine style). In addition, the artworks in the Barrel Cellar and Vinotéque show various samples of the soil in which the estate’s wines are grown.

Since the founding of Ernie Els Winery, it has built its legacy on rewarding hard work, dedication and skill. Their wines have become a symbol of celebration, bringing style and generosity into every occasion. And over the last 20 years, Ernie Els wines has become widely known as being one of the finest producers of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Stellenbosch region.

Visit Ernie Els Wines at ernieelswines.com to find out more.