The whole world is still living with the restrictions of the pandemic, and it’s not clear when that will change. All we know is that when change comes, it happens quickly. Whatever form life takes a year from now, there are some things we’ll hold on to regardless.

Having gotten used to remote working, many businesses have given up their offices indefinitely, meaning that for many of us, life revolves around our homes more and more. The impact that this has had on fashion cannot be overstated. Where one year ago, luxury loungewear and house shoes were considered placeholder fashion pieces, we started questioning what the point was of dressing up for a grocery run. The long and the short of it is, pyjama-like comfort has gone mainstream.

Suddenly, it doesn’t feel so weird to see someone exit a lift in their socks and ‘stocks (Birkenstocks, if you’re not following), overshirts two sizes too big, and pants with drawstrings instead of belt loops.

The form-hugging skinnies and tees of yesteryear, for now at least, have been stashed away (how flattering were they really?). We want to feel free, able to get up and do a few star jumps if the mood takes us, but we still want to look presentable for our 11 o’clock Zoom call. Ain’t no one got time for judgement!

But here’s the trick: this is not a trend to jump on to without careful consideration. The majority of trends don’t become classics, and although we’re all about the comfort factor these days, there’s no reason to lose our sense of self-respect.

So, when updating your wardrobe, choose something that is still you – not just a fad – and that complements not only your complexion, but the way you carry yourself too. A good midway is probably somewhere between PJs and activewear. In other words, comfort with form.