Dearly Departed

A moment of silence for these discontinued goodies

 They say change is as good as a holiday, but there’s something to be said for the nostalgic sweets and treats of yesteryear that can bring us comfort, so it’s always heartbreaking to hear when some of our favourites take their final bow after getting slapped with the ‘discontinued’ stamp. In light of this week’s somewhat tragic Pecks and Redro anchovette announcement, here are some of our favourite snacks that were taken too soon.

Pecks and Redro Anchovette Spread

 That’s right, as stated above, Pioneer Foods, the local distributor of Pecks and manufacturer of Redro, has announced the discontinuation of both products. Both savoury spreads have a rich history, with Pecks originating in the United Kingdom in 1891 and Redro being a firm South African staple for at least thirty years. While fish paste can be a slightly divisive product, the general response to these old favourites being removed from shelves can largely be described as ‘heartbroken’.

The Chocolate Log

Another loss for South Africans – Nestle’s iconic Chocolate Log was discontinued in 2020, as if that year wasn’t bad enough already. It’s removal from shelves brought back sad reminders of 2017’s discontinuation of the Tempo, which was replaced by the Five Star bar.

The Chocolate Log was filled with milk chocolate, marshmallow and wafer, and its discontinuation devastated sweet tooths all over the country. The good news is that we’ve created a Chocolate Log recipe you can try at home to recreate the flavour of the beloved bar, click here and enjoy!

Simba Tomato Sauce Chips

2021 saw the discontinuation of Simba’s Tomato Sauce flavoured potato chip, though in that instance the South African public got  to have their say. Using the #SaveYourFlavour campaign chipmakers PepsiCo, which owns the Simba and Lays brands, asked consumers to vote for which flavours they’d like to keep from: Cheese and Onion, Salt and Vinegar and Tomato Sauce.

Much like a Bachelor contestant who isn’t given a rose or a Survivor cast member voted off when the tribe has spoken, Tomato Sauce received the least amount of votes and was sadly discontinued.

Holey Moleys

Despite disappearing from shelves somewhere around the early 2000s, you can ask most South Africans if they remember Holey Moleys and be greeted with a nostalgic smile. The tiny biscuit rings enrobed in tasty chocolate made for a lovely lunchbox snack and were involved in many a fake schoolyard proposal. Simpler times!


A unique snack that most under-thirties won’t remember these days, Simba’s Kreols Seafood Flavoured Maize Snack had a unique taste, and an even more unique smell, but was beloved by many before being phased off shelves.


 A ghost of a different time, Fresca was a beloved soft drink that first appeared in South Africa in the 1990s. The originally American product underwent a few formula and taste profile changes but most will remember it as a citrus flavoured fizzy drink in a distinctive yellow can. You can still find a newly evolved version of the beverage in some parts of the world but sadly for South Africans it will have to remain a fond memory.