Elizabeth in the French Riviera

Insights from my interview with Elizabeth – my beloved pup

It’s been a year since my dear pooch Elizabeth, a beautiful King Charles Cavalier spaniel, came into my life. It’s been a whirlwind of a year but her presence has made a noticeable impact on me and how I live, as our furry four-legged friends always do. I love how having a pet has made me more invested in enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Whether it’s walking her on the beach, having her by my side for recipe tasting or bringing her along on my travels, her doe-eyed appreciation and excitement for each and every new smell, taste and experience has reminded me to slow down and enjoy things a little more. So in appreciation of her presence in my life, and her fabulous personality, I included an interview with Elizabeth in JAN the Journal Volume 9, complete with a high-end fashion shoot. Here are some fun insights from our sit down. spaniel

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

One thing that comes across in that piece is personality, and Lizzy has a lot of it, which is understandable when you have a name synonymous with the world’s most famous, fabulous monarch. In fact, her personality is so fun and witty she has an Instagram account dedicated to it – @elizabethinthefrenchriviera. Give her a follow for a sneak peek into our life together. spaniel

Stay true to yourself

In a world of photoshop, filters and deep fakes it’s become more and more important to rely on authenticity if you want to truly connect with people, something Lizzy feels very strongly about, which is why she’s not mad when I post pictures of her in less than flattering positions. “I nearly died when I saw those pics of me, they’re so unflattering! But people really love it and it just shows you how much they want to connect with unedited, unfiltered, real content these days.” You’ll have to read the full article for more of her wise insights on social media and fame. spaniel

Family is everything

Pets are family and if anyone disagrees with that it’s a red flag in my book! When Lizzy came along a year ago she not only became a part of my family, but the JAN family too. I travel a lot for work but luckily for Lizzy her Uncle Pascal, Restaurant JAN President, takes care of her while I’m away and she adores him. Everyone on the team loves her and her presence can make late nights at the restaurants that much more fun and special, though she’s not quite allowed access to the kitchen, for obvious reasons.

There are worse places to grow up than on the French Riviera

The expression “it’s a dog’s life” is synonymous with a life of leisure and pleasure, and it feels pretty accurate when it comes to Lizzy’s life. Whether it’s sunning herself in the JAN Garden or feeling the pebbles beneath her feet, life on the French Riviera is pretty fun for a young pup, and she comes with me almost everywhere I go. From day trips in my vintage Fiat Rosie to shopping sprees at the markets of Nice, Lizzy has to be one of the better socialised pooches in the Mediterranean, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She loves a snack

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and I can proudly say that my pup and I share an appreciation for good food. Her favourites include bananas, peanut butter frozen on a spoon, calf livers done medium rare with a side of softly cooked carrots and unsalted biltong. She also loves a good homemade doggy biscuit so I’ve spent some time perfecting our own recipe, which you can find exclusively alongside Elizabeth’s feature in JAN the Journal Volume 9.