Feast Mode

A Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Festive Banquet

It’s time to set the table, top up the bubbly – and lean into all the good things that the festive season brings. And there’s no need to worry about the menu – We’ve got you covered with a few tasty time-saving solutions.

For most of us South Africans, the festive season is all about eating, drinking, entertaining and fun in the sun. To make sure you get to make the most of your time spent with family and friends, Forage and Feast has come to the party with an extensive selection of their snacks, appetizers, main courses, and decadent desserts – they’ve even developed elements like meat glazes, gravies, and sauces to save you time and hassle. All you need to do is add the salads, veggies and sides and you’ll be good to go. There’s always room to play and make these dishes your own, so get creative and have fun with it!

On the menu this Christmas

We’ve put together a sample menu to make things even easier for you. Pick and choose what you’d like to serve then just set the table, whip up some of your own easy signature dishes, put on a festive playlist (because everyone secretly loves a little Mariah and Boney M), and gather all your favourite people around to celebrate alongside you. Here’s to a joyful feast!

Crowd-pleasing favourites with wow factor

Forage and Feast Gypsy Beef Canapés

You can’t go wrong with a platter of smoked gypsy beef, handmade locally, served with a caramelised onion cream cheese and lightly toasted crostini.

Forage and Feast Bacon Chipolatas

What is a Christmas or New Year’s celebration without a plate of chicken chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon with a sticky maple flavoured syrup, honey and mustard glaze.

Forage and Feast Chicken and Cranberry Stuffing Bites 

Every roast needs a generous helping of stuffing to make it truly festive. These festive chicken bites with cranberry and sage stuffing are locally made and are suitably moreish – especially with a little gravy!

Main course preparation made easy

Forage and Feast Gammon

A must at any festive meal, this succulent beechwood smoked gammon is glazed with apricot, citrus and ginger and topped with apricot glaze, whole cloves and dried clementine slices. 

Forage and Feast Three Bird Roast

Turn your get together into a gourmet event and serve this succulent, whole deboned duck filled with chicken breast and turkey fillets, infused with fresh thyme and tango mandarin butter-brine basting.

Forage and Feast Tongue

The classic favourite, prepared the Forage and Feast way – marinated and roasted in a tangy yet sweet mustard sauce. You’ll have everyone asking you for your recipe!

Elevate your mains in a flash

To serve with – or glaze – chicken, beef or pork: Forage and Feast Tango and Ginger Glaze – made with tangoes for a kick of citrus and infused will allspice and fresh ginger.

To serve with meat: Forage and Feast Meat Gravy – a rich meat gravy made with dried shiitake mushrooms, caramelised onion and fresh cream.

To serve with poultry: Forage and Feast Poultry Gravy – a rich gravy made with sweet, caramelised onion and fresh cream.

Tip: To keep gravy hot, pour it in a flask then empty into a gravy boat just before serving.

Sweet and delicious South African favourites

Forage and Feast Amarula Trifle 

A trifle with toffee and Amarula – what a perfect way to end off your feast. This ready-to-serve pudding has layers of mascarpone mousse, traditional Amarula-soaked malva sponge and velvety toffee Amarula sauce finished with a golden honeycomb crumble.

Forage and Feast Brandy Caramel Sauce 

Keep this indulgent sweet sauce on hand for serving on everything from ice cream to fresh fruit. Made with fresh cream and proudly South African KWV 10 Year Old Brandy.

Forage and Feast Berry Cardamom Sauce 

Lightly spiced with cardamom and made with fresh berries, this fruity sauce is ideal for drizzling over cream and ice cream desserts and is a must for Pavlova.