Franschhoek Feast

A Pairing for an Extra Special Occasion

Almost six months in, JAN Franschhoek – the little house in the lavender fields at La Motte – has welcomed more than 1500 guests through its front door. In this short time, the menu has evolved into a homage to traditional South African fare, and at the centre of our main course, we pay tribute to the leg of lamb.

Prepared with an element of festivity, it shares the spotlight with several heritage classics spread out across a beautifully laid table. Amidst the constellation of wine glasses, hands and arms reach across the feast, connecting people through a shared experience anchored in history.


Easter is a time for celebrating renewal and new beginnings. One of the most cherished traditions of Easter is the feast that accompanies the occasion. Lamb is traditionally served in these Easter feasts around the world with the leg of lamb being the jewel in the crown. Finding inspiration from the lamb dishes served at JAN Franschhoek requires an accompanying wine of equal gravity, and La Motte’s Hanneli R rises to the occasion beautifully.


A wine named after La Motte’s owner, Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg. Produced only in vintages of superior quality, the Hanneli R label has only seen the fruits of 8 vintages since the first bottles were produced in 2005. A distinguished full-bodied wine that demands the culture of excellence that produces it. The most recent 2017 vintage sees a wine borne of a troubling period of drought. In this struggle, the Syrah from Elim, Grenache from Bot River, and Petit Syrah from Franschhoek, forged a wine of stature and indomitable character. Each component was fermented separately and left to mature in French Oak barrels for thirty months before being blended and bottled. In the resulting warm and dark aromas an opportunity arises for a stately pairing. Succulent and rich flavours of lamb in idyllic coherence with the hearty tones of La Motte’s iconic offering. Another jewel in the crown of an Easter feast.