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Learning to grow

Never-ending reinnovation

I’m often asked what I think the secret to success is, as if there’s some magic trick that will help you snap your fingers and succeed at whatever goals you have in mind. Most people will know that things aren’t that simple, there’s no straight line to success. That said, something I do feel everyone needs to remember is to stay curious and to be open to new things. re-innovation

We often find ourselves so set in our ways and habits, convinced we know best, and are biased against new ways of doing things or changing what we know and trust, but there’s power in flexibility and fluidity. You have to be able to reinvent yourself if you want to grow as a person, taking stock of the most important or key parts of yourself and reinnovating them to adapt and grow with all the life lessons you gain on the way.

Reinventing classic foods and nostalgic dishes to better represent current times is something that has become synonymous with my work. Whether it’s mixing my South African heritage with a French flair or reinnovating some traditional dish to reflect our current need for sustainability in dining, striking the right balance between past and present is a vital skill to master if you want to keep moving forward.

The same can be said for us. Staying curious and being able to keep learning is a huge, ongoing goal for me, and that’s why I love taking part in live masterclasses with everyone from my followers to industry peers, or like-minded professionals from any number of backgrounds. These experiences are an important way to connect and share with others. I get to teach them what I know and in doing so, I inevitably learn something new myself.

If innovation is opportunity, reinnovation turns that opportunity into a prospect. It can grow from an existing journey or become an entirely new voyage of discovery. As I continue to grow I find new sides of myself, and in doing so I find new avenues, ideas and inspirations to pursue.



Which is why, in the tradition of trusted advice, we’ve reinnovated the classic Private Banker role to bring you Private Advisors. Our Private Advisors are accredited to offer strategic banking, money management, lending, investment and insurance advice – the holistic private advisory services you need to effectively grow and protect every aspect of your personal wealth.

In the tradition of trusted advice, we’re going to be innovating a classic – doing things differently, because no two wealth journeys are the same. 

Start a conversation visiting RMB Private Bank, or contact 087 575 9411 reference JAN.