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Movie Munchies

My go-to scary movie snacks


There is a fail-safe checklist of things you need to include to ensure you host the perfect movie night. Firstly, you need the right company (an absolute essential), secondly you need the right film (choosing one to satisfy everyone can feel like walking a tightrope), and thirdly you need the perfect movie snack. While popcorn is the ultimate cinematic staple for good reason, I never like to limit myself, especially when there are so many tasty treats, sweet or savoury, that can work for your mid-film munching. In the spirit of Friday the 13th I’ve compiled a list of some delicious dishes that will be perfect for accompanying films that are on the slightly more chilling side of the spectrum.

Spicy Cauliflower Bites

Aside from being incredibly tasty, there are proven health benefits to consuming spicy foods. The bite size portion of these cauliflower treats makes them perfect for a snack platter or a mid-movie bite. Not only can it speed up your metabolism, spicy food usually contains Vitamin A and C which could help lower blood pressure, something that can come in handy if you’re watching iconic horror/ thriller films like American Psycho or Stephen King’s Misery…

Jasmine rice and cinnamon doughnuts

I love this tasty sweet treat thanks to its incredible taste and the memories it evokes, but I also love how much it requires I focus and work with my hands, something that can come in handy if you need to manage some nervous energy while watching a goosebump-inducing film…Next time you pop on a film like Shutter Island that keeps you on the edge of your seat, try channel all that nervous energy into making a tasty treat like these yummy doughnuts.

Coffee ystervarkies

There’s just something about spending the better part of two hours sitting in the dark that can lead to catching some unintentional extra zs, or in other words –  falling asleep during the movie. This has happened to the best of us, and usually results in some teasing from friends. If you’re settling in to a movie that’s on the longer side (The Shining is a full 146 minutes – as an example), try sneak some caffeine into your movie snack to keep you looking alert. Enter these delicious coffee ystervarkies! 

Toffee Tomatoes

I’ve recently been making an effort to focus on sustainable, plant-based eating where I can, an idea that has been reinforced after watching thrillers like Okja or Silence of the Lambs. Some of my favourite tasty plant-based treats are these delicious toffee tomatoes!

Brown Rice and Prawn Cigars

Finger food is always a winner for any movie marathon, no matter the genre, but these tasty rice cigars seem especially fitting for a thriller-inspired cinematic evening. They always make me think of a Bond villain or Tony Montana in Scarface, plus they’re absolutely delicious! Try the recipe for yourself.