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Oh So Salty

Five ways to use a Himalayan Salt Slab

I love looking out for new and exciting ways to spice things up in the kitchen, and something that’s really caught my eye recently is the beautiful Himalayan salt slab and its variety of uses. As the name suggests, the slab is harvested from deep within the Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan. The salt, which is similar to table salt, contains a higher concentration of minerals like potassium, iron and calcium, and helps season your food as you cook it. The best part however is the wide range of fun uses:

Doubling up as a serving platter:

Thanks to their unique appearance, Himalayan salt slabs are perfect to use as serving platters as well as cooking instruments. The light pink quartz look adds drama to any table, and its unique origin in the Himalayan mountain range is a real conversation starter for any gathering. Dress it up or down, the salt slab is a chic addition to any table setting.

Tip: If you want to use the slab as more of a decorative platter without actually salting your products, brush the block with olive oil before you place the food on it.

Keep things cool:

The salt slab can also be chilled in the refrigerator for serving cold food items like sushi, cured meat or cheese. You can also freeze it to serve frozen items like sorbet and ice cream. Pairing the salt block with sweet treats like watermelon can open a whole new flavour profile and really bring the dish alive.

Prepare red meat:

 Now for the really fun part. You can pop the salt slab in the oven like an oven dish and it can retain heat for about 30/40 minutes afterwards, making it a great way to roast meat. I love that you don’t need to season your meat ahead of time as the slab does it for you while the dish cooks. Cooking meat this way also offers a healthier alternative since you don’t need any butter or oil to grease the slab as it’s non-stick. 

Cooking seafood:

 As for seafood, you can actually cure fish like salmon and tuna if you place them on the salt block for a longer period, making it act as a preservative. The block can also serve as a surface on which to marinate fish for the next day, allowing it to really soak in the flavour and seasoning. I also like to prepare seafood favourites like prawns because using the salt block brings a subtle salty note to their natural sweetness.

Going vegetarian:

 Heat cooking isn’t just limited to meat for the salt slab, cooking with veggies at a high temperature also brings about a rich flavour in the produce, and who doesn’t love a well-flavoured baked camembert?

With such a fun range of options to try out, the Himalayan Salt Slab is fast becoming a firm favourite in many kitchens, and to top it all off, its high salt content makes it anti-microbial, meaning it only requires a wipe down to be cleaned!