Food’s ability to satiate one appetite while awakening another is well documented. Let’s see, there’s oysters; high in zinc, which raises male sperm count, but which also make for a sensual eating experience. Similarly, strawberries are rich in all kinds of minerals that could boost your sex drive, but the act of eating them – provided you’ve perfected your pout – also adds to their sex appeal. Let’s face it, what makes food sexy is the thought that went into it. It’s like foreplay. When someone goes out of their way to spoil you (while enjoying seeing the pleasure it brings you), isn’t that the greatest aphrodisiac of all? The trick, though, is coming up with ideas for your date night spread. You don’t want to invite a magies-vol-ogies-toe scenario, so no roasts or vetkoek and mince. You want something simple, sensual and delicious.


You’re not likely to find any list of aphrodisiacs without the stuff, so we might as well start with it. Luckily, you never have to look far for something chocolatey. If brownies don’t tickle you pink, then why not opt for strawberries dipped in chocolate, or a tray of salted caramel bonbons. Is there anything more sensual than something that surrenders to your body heat?


It’s not something that often, ahem, comes up in the aphrodisiac department, but it is widely known to wake up the adrenal glands, spike dopamine levels (the gateway to your pleasure centres) and stimulate blood flow. In all, not exactly a recipe for a good night’s rest, but rather a restless roll in the hay. And the next morning, why not treat yourself to a coffee-laced cruffin and pick up where you last left off?


In many cultures… ok, the more patriarchal ones… any phallus-shaped food is considered an aphrodisiac. But let’s be honest, the sex appeal starts wearing off when a writhing octopus tentacle unwittingly suckers onto the wall of your oesophagus ending the evening aboard an ambulance wading through traffic en route to the hospital. But one phallic fruit that’s been known to boost energy (and testosterone levels), is the banana. Whether finding all kinds of interesting ways to eat it, whipping up a delicious banana butter (with which to garnish your favourite body parts), or opting for a banana bread French toast the next morning, it really is one of the more versatile fruits.


There’s a reason why we talk about “spicing things up”. Many spices improve circulation, and when our blood flows, endorphins kick in. After all, we all know what happens when we’re in a good mood… assuming there’s someone around who’s in the same state of mind. This is great news for South Africans, because we like a bit of spice – especially nutmeg, along with cinnamon and cloves. And while a pie or stew might not put you in the mood, why not opt for a speculaas cookie. Who cares if it’s not Christmas? Let it come early this year.


Aside from its sensuous flow, honey is packed with all sorts of health benefits, particularly reproductive health. But there’s no point in cooking with it, unless you’re after the taste. To get the most out of your dollop of honey, keep it at room temperature, and drizzle it over anything you might bring to your lips. Anything.