Summer Tables

Toast the sunshine with a feast of cheeses, a glorious glass of chilled Chardonnay and a curated playlist of summer delights.

The Season’s Embrace

Summer arrives with a flourish, casting its golden glow over sun-soaked days and balmy evenings. It beckons us to shed our winter coats and step into the embrace of the great outdoors. What better way to honour this season’s arrival than by crafting a sublime al fresco table. Let’s start with the centre piece – cheese.

Sonata à l’Fromage

Create a masterpiece with textures and flavours that will enrapture your guests. Blend the creamy notes of Brie with the sharp crescendo of mature cheddar, all accompanied by the tender, resonant chords of goat’s cheese. And don’t forget blue cheese, the virtuoso of the cheese world.

Chardonnay’s Luminous Elegance

Once assembled, your table requires the complimentary elements Chardonnay brings. Chardonnay is a wine as luminous as the summer sun and carries the whispers of oak, an exquisite accompaniment to any dining experience. Serve it chilled in oversized wine glasses and keep a reserve bottle or two tucked away on ice.

Table Scenes

Make sure your table reflects the vibrancy of the season. Begin with a tablecloth that mirrors summer’s cerulean sky and verdant foliage. Dress it with plates in a chorus of colours and patterns – each adding their voice to the composition – and white linen napkins, scattered across the tablescape like clouds. Finally, a constellation of glasses for water and wine dotted across the table. To complete this summer overture, add a floral touch – a vase of wildflowers, a handpicked bouquet of nature’s own garden. As the sun descends, strike a match and light the citronella candles to illuminate the table and guard it from unwanted guests.

A Toast to a Summer Symphony

As twilight draws across the sky, and stars emerge like notes in the night, your summer table, loaded with cheese and chilled Chardonnay, becomes the heart of your outdoor soiree. Raise your glass, make a toast, and celebrate the simple joys of summer living.

Op Die Berg Chardonnay

The slow ripening fruit produces wines of consistently distinctive character and expressive style. Crisp Granny Smith apple and ripe citrus aromas of Ruby grapefruit are permeated with soft layers of crème caramel and sweet orange marmalade. The flavours are lively, and the finish refined and rich with a long tail due to oaking and extended lees contact.

The wine has a bright green to straw hue. On the nose citrus flavours of grapefruit and marmalade that on palate is well supported by soft vanilla undertones. Great length and weight in the structure of the wine resulting in an ideal food partner.