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Val De Vie. The Perfect Host

As a Franschhoek wine estate that is now well into its third century, Val de Vie ranks amongst the most established in the country. Just as the French Huguenots once arrived in the Cape to begin a new life, today, Val de Vie Estate often welcomes visitors from across the globe to their prestigious estate for a day of polo, the sport of kings. And as one of South Africa’s top residential estates – a haven of rugged, open-air living – visitors often become residents, spending their entire lives here in the “valley of life”. At every turn, the people of Val de Vie Estate are the perfect hosts, which was the inspiration behind this exemplary Chenin Blanc.

The Franschhoek valley boasts a rich French heritage dating back to 1692, when the first Huguenot settlers arrived in the Cape of Good Hope. They had a natural talent for growing wine, and so they settled in the Cape Winelands, particularly in Olifantshoek, which was later rechristened Franschhoek after the influence of the Huguenots. For them, the valley became a place of new beginnings, of new hope, a place to start a new life. It was a place where those who arrived downtrodden could rebuild their lives and live like kings.

Here, amidst towering mountain ranges and vineyard-lined slopes, Val de Vie Estate was first established as a wine farm in 1783, deriving its name from la vallée de la vie, French for “valley of life”. More recently, it has evolved into South Africa’s top residential estate; a haven of rugged, open-air living where residents can spend their entire lives. And through its embrace of polo culture – the sport of kings – the estate has become a benchmark of elegant country living.


Tasting Notes



Colour: Beautiful light-yellow colour with golden hues.

Nose: The nose shows rich flavours of ripe white peaches and fresh apricot undertones supported by sweeter spicy notes coming from the months aged in French Oak barrels.

Pallet: These flavours follow through on the pallet. The wine shows serious complexity and is layered with fruity and spicy flavours supported by oaky notes on the mid-palet. A fresh citrus like acidity give this wine an elegant youthfulness and a long lingering finishing. 

Description: A full bodied and layered wine with flavours of ripe white peach that follow through on the palet, supported by a likely citrus-like acidity and well balanced by oak-like spices.  This premium white wine is best enjoyed with great company.