JAN | Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen | JAN the Journal
JAN | Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen | JAN the Journal

Part lifestyle magazine, part coffee-table cookbook, the Journal is a biannual publication that chronicles Jan Hendrik and his team’s creative journey. Every issue comprises around 300 pages filled with over 50 tried-and-tested recipes and a variety of stories about everything ranging from food and ingredients to an appreciation of the finer things.

JAN | Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen | JAN the Journal



JAN the Journal Volume 6 draws inspiration from the magic and myth of the African continent — starting with a case for the Great South African Road Trip as the book journeys from the Karoo to the Kalahari. We later visit an exotic date farm on the Namibian border as well as the local artisans of the region, and even revive the legend of the Lost City of the Kalahari while spinning a yarn about the discovery of a collection of innovative culinary artefacts left behind by an ancient civilisation. But amidst the romance, the book also investigates important topics such as honey production in South Africa, the country’s proud Muscadel heritage, and even the realities of living off the grid. The book also reveals the inspiration and design behind KLEIN JAN, which has never before been made public.

As always, the Journal is packed with over 50 recipes, which in this edition, approach South Africa’s heritage with great gusto. Aiming to revive our taste for the nostalgic cuisine of our past, Volume 6 offers a collection of forgotten dishes, padkos classics and bazaar favourites. But in true Journal fashion, Volume 6 is not without its quirks, like finding a new purpose for the bobotie, turning the desert sauce into a work of modern art, and Corn Flakes into haute cuisine!

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JAN the Journal // Volume One - Four

“I hope this book reminds you to look for the beauty in life. I want it to ‘live’ with you – to inspire you to make a cassoulet (even if it takes you three days), to discover a new appreciation for butter, perfume, or tassels, and to grow with you as you expand your horizons, just as it has expanded mine. Above all, I hope this book reminds you that you deserve to have joy in your life.”


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