Steri Stumpie Cake

Getting creative with a South African classic

Nothing takes me back to the happy days of my childhood like a nostalgic tasty treat, and there are some South African staples that always make me feel like a kid no matter my age. One of my favourites? South Africa’s favourite flavoured milk – Steri Stumpie!

I’m a sucker for the selection of variations you can find on the shelf and their playful colours and delicious flavours have enticed me to get creative with them in the kitchen. Because why should playfulness be limited to our adolescence? Earlier this year I shared my recipe for Steri Stumpie pancakes in a one of my live masterclass demos and I was blown away by the crowd’s response, especially since it’s as easy as greasing a heated pan with cooking spray, and pouring in chocolate-flavoured Steri Stumpie, letting it reduce. Et voilà – delicious!

One thing led to another and now I’m thrilled to be joining in Steri Stumpie’s iconic 50th birthday ‘Steribration’ with a birthday cake made JAN-style, aka with rich and creamy ganache inspired by some of Steri Stumpie’s most iconic flavours.

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