JAN 16 Piece Cutlery Set


I’ve had a thing for cutlery for longer than I can remember. It’s so easy to forget that, whenever a knife glides through a perfectly cooked steak, a nest of spaghetti twizzles around a fork, or a crème brûlée cracks under a spoon, that we are wielding a technology that has been with us for so long that it almost defines us. Cutlery is our oldest form of toolmaking, and has evolved so much over millennia that it should be honoured. That’s why I am so thrilled to have created this beautiful new signature cutlery range of my own.


18/10 stainless steel

Ergonomic shape

rust free

Premium quality

Deformation resistance

Suitable thickness and weight for comfortable holding

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Weight 0.820 kg
Dimensions 27 × 26.5 cm