JAN the Journal Volume Ten


In this milestone issue marking five years of publication, JAN the Journal Volume 10 is one of Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen’s most personal Journals yet. Through a captivating collection of travel stories from Spain, Tel Aviv and Singapore, he reflects on his experiences of street food, fame, anonymity and life during a transformative year in which he turned 40. And in a revealing prologue, Jan Hendrik and his team look back at the ten covers of the Journal for the first time, sharing the thought, creativity and inside stories behind each image. As always, the book also explores our relationship with food in a light-hearted way that looks at concepts like playing with your food, sonic seasoning and reimagining dishes from the past.

“For this issue, I’m honouring everyone who has had a hand in bringing the Journal to life over the years by putting them on the cover with me. I cannot be prouder of this team, and of this gorgeous issue!”

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