Kitchen comforts


As a chef, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse and be willing to try new things. There are always new methods to master, new ingredients to play with, or new inspirations to help us get creative. In amidst all this newness, I rely on some good ol’ favourite creature comforts to help me stay on my toes in the kitchen (in some cases, quite literally). In order for me to be the best version of myself at work I have a list of essential go-to items I need to help me find that piece of myself that feels free to innovate and make magic when I’m working. Here’s my go-to list of kitchen creature comforts:

My cravat

Fans of JAN the Series will be able to recognise that I often wear a cravat/ scarf around my wrist while I’m working. It’s not in response to any trend, really, it’s a link to my personal heritage. My grandfather used to wear a cloth around his wrist whenever he went fishing. It was a practical thing – he’d use it to wipe his hands – but it’s a habit I’ve picked up and it always reminds me of where I came from.

The playlist

Like a lot of people I rely on music to get me in the right headspace, help me stay focused, and to keep my energy levels up. Music is an integral part of the JAN kitchen, and our epic (if I do say so myself) playlists usually consist of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and some local favourites too . Check out some of our playlists here.


This one is hardly a surprise, but I love coffee, and a shot of espresso during a busy evening in the kitchen can seriously help elevate energy levels and creativity when we’re on our feet for a long time. Not only is the caffeine a welcome boost when needed, the flavour profile and setting has inspired me to incorporate coffee into some of our made-for-home recipes when I’m feeling inspired in the kitchen.

The right tools

Hardly a surprise, but having the right tools in the kitchen, whether at JAN or Klein JAN, ensures that we are equipped for whatever the service throws at us. From our JAN Homeware Collection knife rolls and aprons to our top of the range cookware, it’s all about investing in things that will last.

Comfy shoes

This one is just a given. Any chef will tell you the same thing, it can be absolutely draining, if not outright painful, to be on your feet in the kitchen all day without the best possible footwear. Recently I’ve been wearing a pair of BIRKENSTOCKS to work and after a long shift in the restaurant my feet have been thanking me.

A standing ovation

BIRKENSTOCK is a global lifestyle brand with a heritage in iconic footwear, rooted in the creation of the BIRKENSTOCK footbed. Manufactured in Germany, the brand can be traced back as far as 1774 making it almost 250 years old. For more than a century BIRKENSTOCK has been using the term “footbed” as a synonym for outstanding comfort when walking and standing. The footbed is created from all natural materials – cork, jute, leather, and latex – that mould to your foot creating a personalised fit and legendary comfort. Providing style as a way of being, BIRKENSTOCK fuses function with design flair.