It’s not something you give much thought… until you need it, but your work surface has a huge impact on the quality of your work. For a chef, it needs to be practical and durable, but I also need my work surface to inspire me. When I first set out to create my culinary spaces in South Africa – JAN Innovation Studio in Cape Town and Restaurant Klein JAN at Tswalu Kalahari – I knew there was only one surface that I would want to work with. Caesarstone strikes the ultimate balance between form and function, and is able to adapt to whatever space I can imagine. After working with the Caesarstone team in South Africa for many years now, I thought it was high time to chat to them about what makes their surfaces so unique.

Featured: 2141 SNOW CAESARSTONE | Backdrop Surface: 6046 MOORLAND FOG CAESARSTONE

People often draw parallels between the way Caesarstone surfaces are made and cuisine. Would you agree, and how are the two similar?

Absolutely. It is well known that the secret to any great meal is great ingredients. This is the premise that Caesarstone follows. Caesarstone is made using a mixture of the highest quality quartz and a formulation of polyester and resin that is a closely guarded secret – part of the Caesarstone IP. This recipe allows for Caesarstone slabs to be structurally far more superior and more flexible than other quartz surface brands and are thus less susceptible to cracking and chipping. But there is still more to a great meal – the secret lies in the chef’s passion. The Caesarstone research and development team are passionate about predicting design trends and creating the impossible! We then have a technical design team that brings these forward-thinking design ideas to life! You have not met a more passionate and creative team.

Caesarstone surfaces have found a home at both JAN Innovation Studio in Cape Town and Klein JAN in the Kalahari. What, in your opinion, makes these surfaces so appealing to chefs?

Most chefs work in high pressure environments and need a surface that won’t let them down. It is the backbone of the kitchen. In high traffic zones like a chef’s kitchen, Caesarstone has over 30 years of reliable reputation behind it, so chefs know they can trust it. Nowadays of course hygiene is also very important, but the safety of your guests has always been a top priority for chefs. Knowing that your food is being prepared on a non-porous, hygienic surface is a win! Caesarstone is great for tempering chocolate, rolling pastry and making pasta directly onto the surface. Its natural stone qualities means it’s cold and of course the hygiene element and easy-to clean nature is perfect for getting hands-on when cooking! Even though we always recommend using a chopping board to protect your knives, and a trivet for hot pots, Caesarstone is very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty to always have your back.


The Studio and Klein JAN are two vastly different environments. What advice do you give a client when they approach you about choosing the right surface for their space?

We believe that good design is like our DNA – unique. It’s different for everyone. We create a variety of designs to ensure that people don’t need to conform to trends that don’t suit them but can express themselves and bring out their personalities in their homes. We have an online visualiser where people can mix and match a variety of finishes with the Caesarstone colour collection. From concrete looks to weathered patinas and marble-inspired designs, we have the largest colour collection in the world, to ensure that you never have to settle for design that doesn’t resonate with you.

To what extent are you able to customise a surface to a client’s vision?

Our slabs come in large format sizes to offer as much design freedom as possible. As one of the few quartz brands that can ‘bend’, skilled fabricators are able to curve your Caesarstone to get even more creative with your surface design. It is always recommended to use reputable installers, as this will ensure you get the most out of your slab. Caesarstone can be used on walls and for cladding as well, so there are endless possibilities.

In your opinion, what has been the most exciting surface Caesarstone has created recently, and why do you choose that surface?

Well, this is a big debate depending on who you speak to! The most popular colour is always a toss-up between our newest marble-inspired look called Empira White or our original industrial finish of Rugged Concrete. But the one thing that everyone agrees on is that our latest Outdoor Collection is one of a kind! Launching in 2022, Caesarstone is welcoming the first quartz surface that is suitable to be enjoyed under the South African sun!

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