A LOUIS XIII tasting experience does not merely involve a few swirls of the liquid, a whiff of the cognac’s aromas and a series of sips accompanied by an appreciative raise of the eyebrow. It requires time, respect, and a willingness to surrender not only to the work of generations of cellar masters, but to your own emotions and memories. You may choose to enjoy such a moment alone, or as part of a private tasting with a group of likeminded companions. Whatever the occasion, you must seek to liberate yourself from all distractions, and allow yourself to become fully immersed in the ritual. This dégustation – the careful, appreciative tasting of LOUIS XIII – was the inspiration behind the art book, LOUIS XIII COGNAC The Thesaurus.

The publication was created by Farid Chenoune, author of numerous art and fashion books including Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, A History of Men’s Fashion and Les Dessous de la Femininité, and comprises 300 pages divided into 13 chapters, each covering a key event, concept, or moment in the life of LOUIS XIII cognac.


Throughout the book, the theme of time becomes a fluid concept – subverting the conventions of a linear narrative – as it jumps between the 16th and 22nd centuries, and back again, culminating in an immersive experience that reflects on the perpetual cycle of time, and celebrating the history and mystery of the LOUIS XIII legacy. The aim of the book is never to forget that time is this cognac’s most essential ingredient, and that the book must be experienced in the same way as one would savour every drop of LOUIS XIII.

This immersive, large-scale coffee table book wrapped in a gold foil jacket, brings LOUIS XIII cognac to life through an intriguing blend of stories and anecdotes – some real, some imaginary. Alongside historic materials from the archives that serve as the inspiration behind a series of imaginary tales from the past, present and future, the book is written from multiple viewpoints, and juxtaposed with breathtaking photography and illustrations. One such narrative includes the innermost thoughts of a lost decanter, buried on a battlefield in 1569. Another brings to life an imagined conversation between and oak tree and a dryad (a tree spirit) that takes place deep inside the Limousin forest in 2028, leading one to reflect on our changing world.


LOUIS XIII cognac has touched the lives of many prominent figures since its creation in 1874, from Winston Churchill and King George VI to John Malkovich and Pharell Williams. The Thesaurus invites you to embark upon a luxury vessel on an imaginary cruise through time where every reader is given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the LOUIS XIII experience.

LOUIS XIII COGNAC The Thesaurus is available to buy at janonline.com/shop