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Infinite Creativity

There’s no denying that your kitchen has the potential to be a beautiful and enormously creative canvas, whether you are a professional chef or someone who simply loves expressing yourself through the food you cook, time in the kitchen can be really rewarding. Maybe you relish moments spent alone in your thoughts while chopping veggies for salad or supper? Maybe you love how everyone congregates while you spend time prepping and cooking family meals – or are you in your happiest place when assembling an Instagram-worthy platter of snacks just before guests arrive? Whichever way you look at it, the kitchen really is so much more than “just” a place to cook. It is the hub, the heart and the headquarters of every home and invariably where everybody ends up, whether you have people over for a braai or a multicourse dinner. It’s where deep connections are made, where we feed our friends and loved ones with so much more than food, and where memory banks are filled.


For many of us our kitchens are also an opportunity to flex our creative décor muscles – a chance to reflect our aesthetic, leaning into the joy that a beautifully designed space can bring, and certainly an opportunity to let the concept of form following function really come into its own. Choosing your cabinetry and plotting your kitchen layout is a key part of mapping out a kitchen that works for you – and nothing works harder in a kitchen or makes more of an impression than Infinity Surfaces. Hygienic, hardwearing and the gold standard in kitchen.

Infinity Surfaces are trendy and durable enough for the likes of both industrial and domestic kitchen environments. It comes in a multitude of finishes to suit your style and preferences, from the perfectly crisp white to the marble veins of Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Oro and the textured appearance of Infinity Surfaces Thunderstorm – there is a look to meet your kitchen vision.


Choose the surface that suits your space

Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary kitchen, a warm and homely environment, or are looking for avant garde wow factor, you are guaranteed to find an Infinity Surface that fits the brief beautifully.


Infinity Surfaces Classic Statuario

Infinity Surfaces Milan Stone

Infinity Surfaces Crystal Ice


Warm minimalism remains an accessible trend in kitchens. While all white is an option of course, within the Infinity Surfaces offering there are choices that embrace natural textures like marble, concrete look finishes, and warm nature-inspired hues.


Infinity Surfaces Chianca di Ostuni

Infinity Surfaces Pulpis Brown

Infinity Surfaces Magellano


For a comfortable kitchen that is welcoming from the get go, it’s important to speak to natural textures and tones that lean towards warmth.


Infinity Surfaces Thunderstorm

Infinity Surfaces Sahara Noir

Infinity Surfaces Ocean Blue

Infinity Surfaces Royal Peacock


You want wow factor – and why wouldn’t you? Lean into some drama with deep toned grey and charcoal choices that will be an instant focal point.

6 Reasons to Love Infinity Surfaces

It looks beautiful, but what about the other key reasons for investing in hardwearing Infinity Surfaces for your kitchen?


Superior Durability: Resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks, engineered porcelain ensures longevity against heat, cold, and household chemicals.

Versatile Design: With engineered stone qualities, these surfaces offer unlimited design possibilities for countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, and wall panelling.

Innovative Manufacturing: A patented process enhances porcelain strength, combining it with polymers and pigments for durable and visually appealing surfaces.

Diverse Aesthetics: Choose from a wide array of colours and finishes, aligning with international trends and personal lifestyle preferences.

Multi-Application Use: Ideal for countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, flooring, wall panelling as well as outdoor surfaces. Infinity Surfaces elevate both residential and commercial spaces with style and reliability.