A Slice of Romance

Cake, the Language of Love

 Delight your special someone with the sweetest romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day – a special cake crafted with love and meant for sharing.

When I think of all the important milestones of my life, so many of them have been marked with the making, the giving, and the slicing and enjoyment of cake! I love the inevitable discussion around how beautiful a cake looks before it has even been cut into portions, and then the “hmmms” and murmurings of appreciation as each delicious forkful is savoured and enjoyed. I particularly love it when my guests have “just one more…just a sliver”, it feels like we are just making the most of the wonderful opportunity to celebrate and commune.

Cake has the ability to soothe a bruised soul, to bring joy, to delight and to make the simplest of moments a celebration. It’s a wonderful privilege to be able to honour someone with a cake, and I have no doubt there is a special place in heaven for the cakemakers!

It feels right too that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated with cake – it’s such a romantic gesture to deliver the one you love a beautifully made cake, crafted from quality ingredients. With this in mind, Forage and Feast has a range of frozen cakes for you to choose from – so that you can have cake and eat it anytime, whether it’s a planned romantic meal for two or an impromptu surprise. Simply select the cake you love, allow it to defrost, dress it up if you like, slice and enjoy. Of course, having one or two in the freezer at home means that you can rise to any occasion with a gourmet cake, be it a berry-laden New York Style Cheesecake or the signature Ebony & Ivory Cake.

New York Style Cheesecake

A classic cheesecake is everyone’s favourite. Forage and Feast’s New York Style Cheesecake is a handcrafted decadent treat perfect for a special coffee date with someone you love – or served as a dessert after a romantic dinner for two. The cheesecake has a crunchy oatmeal biscuit base topped with a smooth and light cheesecake mousse made using premium quality cottage cheese. A scattering of berries makes the perfect sweet and tart topping for this moment of edible decadence.

Ebony & Ivory Cake

This decadent delight of a cake is a chocolate laden showstopper! Layers of light chocolate sponge are sandwiched with both white and dark chocolate mousse. The entire cake is enrobed with a chocolate coated biscuit crumble – think smooth, crunchy, creamy, chocolatey flavours in each and every bite. To add your own personal romantic touch, top with candied rose petals.