Q&A with KFM’S Carl Wastie 


Tuning in to KFM’s Flash Drive between 3 and 7 on any weekday afternoon, you may have heard Carl Wastie’s energetic voice beaming over the airwaves, somehow always making thousands of  listeners across the Mother City forget that they’re stuck in traffic, or still at work. But there’s one other quirk that Carl has become famous for. If you’ve never heard of a Boujee Braai, you will soon, as Carl Wastie and South African Michelin-star Chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen will be hosting the braai to end all braais online at JAN Innovation Studio in Cape Town on 5 March 2021! But first, let’s find out more about this Cape Town cool dude who boujed up the braai. 

What’s the name of your car? How did the two of you meet? 

My MK1 Golf’s name is Tenacia Isaacs. She came to me at a Stellenbosch dealership where the sales person offered me some super fancy cars because I was on radio, you know the stigma. I immediately said, I need something simple and affordable and then there she was, it was love at first sight. 

Do you know about Rosie, Jan Hendrik’s red Fiat in Nice? If the two girls had to meet in Cape Town for a night on the town, where would Tenacia Isaacs take her and what would they get up to? 

 I am a huge Jan Hendrik fan so I’ve seen the beauty that is Rosie. She is short and has attitude, so of course I already have a connection with her. The two girls would probably go to Golden Dish and enjoy a Gatsby on their respective bonnets followed by a trip to Blouberg for ice cream to see a bit of a view. 

Most South Africans love a braai, but you take it to a whole new level. Where did your love of a good braai come from? 

 I have always loved fire and I have this anecdote around how fire is destructive yet when harnessed correctly, it can be ironically used to create such beautiful things like amazing food and storytelling. The braai itself does both those things, it’s something that brings loved ones together while sharing food, which to me is quite intimate. 

Looking back over the years at everything you’ve given a skrik on a flame, what was the one thing you’ve braaied that totally knocked your socks off? 

Before I got a ceramic braai, which as you know is super expensive, I innovated with methods to create a sort of smoking method for different types of protein. I have used a baking tray over a grid to capture smoke made with a little spray bottle I put together with whiskey, liquid smoke and olive oil, to capture that essence on a deboned leg of lamb. I have also put two potjies together to create a smoker for fish, which blew me away. It goes to show that a little innovation, creativity and a willingness to experiment can make something so special. 

 If money were no object (or let’s say, reality wasn’t an issue), how would you describe your ultimate braai? In other words, the braai to end all braais. 

The braai to end all braais would have to have all of my favourite things in it. I would set up a smoker in the middle of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and cook for all the Real Madrid players, family, friends and my BFF, Jan. I would get Grade 12 Wagyu Brisket and cook that baby for 14 hours. I would then make Bao Buns and an Asian Sriracha Salad and carve the pieces of the brisket delicately to add to the buns for all to enjoy. The dish will be finished with my signature cocktail, a Blueberry and Thyme Whiskey sour. The dessert options will be Ceramic Braai smoked Spanspek crème brûlées with a little rosemary crumble and Jan inspired Malva Pudding with an Aster Sorbet. After, I would drift away into Culinary heaven, only to return when hungry again.  

Carl Wastie is a Cape Town born and bred creative, copywriter, TV presenter, MC, footballer, music lover, radio guy and creator of the “Boujee Braai”. He has a degree in Psychology, a mohawk and a passion for connecting people. Carl is also a Presenter on the SABC 3 TV Show Expresso (Mornings 6 to 9am) and when he is not entertaining on the Cape’s number one Afternoon show called The Flash Drive on Kfm 94.5 (3 to 7pm) or counting down the biggest hits of the week on the Kfm Top 40 (Saturdays 10am to 2pm), you’ll find him in his backyard experimenting with different produce on his braai.

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