Dare to Dunk

5 ways to dunk with style

 Cookies and milk, coffee and rusks, tea and biscuits, nothing beats a good dunk… I’ll never understand why dunking is considered bad etiquette, it’s comforting, delicious and a nice little bit of multi-tasking, plus there are so many different ways to do it. In some cultures it’s customary to dunk, though their choices might not be what we’re used to. The French have a penchant for a croissant and coffee, only at breakfast, or a madeleine and a cup of tea, strictly in the afternoon. Dunking rusks, biscuits and biscotti however remains a foreign custom. 

How to dunk in a way that catches someone’s eye…
Chemistry is often all about body language, and sometimes when that one special person is around you want to make sure all eyes are on you. Few things are as sensual as bringing attention to your mouth, so dunking is a great opportunity to capitalise on. The trick here is to let the moment linger, everything from reaching for your chosen edible goody to the actual dunking should be done at about half speed, letting the imagination run wild. When it comes to the actual bite, make it slow and sensual, and a little eye contact will never go amiss…

How to dunk in a way that says ‘I don’t play by your rules’.
Sure cookies and tea are the go-to dunking power couple, but they’re not the only combo worth trying. If you want to send a ‘I don’t colour between the lines’ type message, embrace some more creative dunking options in public. Some underrated dunking treats to try with your hot cuppa could be a chocolate bar, toast, cake, yes seriously, or you could even go the savoury route, think marmite on a provita with a sweet cup of tea or coffee, heaven. Sweet and salty together make a great combo, plus anyone nearby is bound to get the message that you’re a full on rebel!

How to recover from a dunking mishap
We’ve all been there, we got our dunking time or intensity wrong and there it goes, plop, you lose half your treat to the bottom of your drink. The trick here is to play it cool and calm, don’t let anyone else see your distress, you can salvage this. If you’re near a teaspoon, calmly fish it out and ditch the soggy fallen soldier in a bin or on your saucer, while the extra brave can even swallow it for a quick fix solution, but your tolerance for moisture logged goodies will have to be pretty high for that alternative. If you’re not near a spoon or another item that might fit the bill but you also don’t want to bid your drink adieu just yet, adjust your sip size and drink cautiously, ensuring you leave the last three sips of your drink in the cup. There’s nothing worse than an unexpected soggy mouthful of crumbs.

How to dunk in a formal setting
Like I said, I’ll never understand why dunking isn’t considered high-brow but here we are, sometimes you just have to make a plan. Some tips to remember here are don’t double dunk, it might be too much for onlookers, and to find a good, sturdy biscuit or rusk to ensure there’s no unplanned splashing. The ultimate faux pas here is to leave a trail of crumbs in your wake, make sure your dunking is neat!

How to dunk when you don’t want to share
Sometimes you just need to indulge, and that doesn’t mean you want to share. Body language is great for making yourself seem open and attractive, but it’s also great to make it clear you’re having a moment to your damn self and don’t want anyone else involved. Some tips here to make it obvious that you don’t want to share would essentially be all the opposites to my points above. Get up close and personal with your biscuit before you dunk, think a nibble, sucking or licking, and make sure to make enough of a soggy mess dunking that no one else will think your goods are up for grabs. This is your time!