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My Guide to Living with Your Storage

Whether your abode resembles a country manor or a cozy little apartment in the city, clever storage remains the holy grail of smart, stress-free living. Many of us can probably hear our mothers saying, “If everything has a place, you’ll always know where they are”. It’s a mantra that has stuck with me since childhood, although I’ll be the first to admit that implementing it is an entirely different challenge. But I’ve never believed that storage needs to take the form of plastic towers stowed behind doors and in attics. If done beautifully, storage isn’t something you need to be embarrassed about – it can live with you.

Baskets, whether made of wicker or any other natural weave, are perfect for stocking up on kitchen supplies. They’re lightweight and beautiful to look at; and have been used for storage since ancient times. They’re especially handy when you don’t have the luxury of a pantry but cook for a lot of people on a regular basis. Large amounts of potatoes, garlic, and onions can be stored in baskets – out of sight and off your counters.

Sometimes, storing stuff on your counters can’t be avoided, but your counters needn’t look like the skyline of a poorly planned city either. Unless your kitchen resembles one designed by Philippe Stark, a country-themed storage basket goes with most kitchens and creates an opportunity to organise anything from your utensils and regularly used oils to seasonings and even a tiny herb garden.

Larger baskets, on the other hand, are great for storing items like baking trays, tea trays, cutting boards, rolling pins and cooling racks – not unlike a regular drawer or cabinet. And when you line them up and get creative with how you stack them (even playing with levels and different sizes), you could turn them into an attractive feature.

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