Breaking Bread at La Motte

A Visit to La Motte Wine Estate’s New Bakery
The Franschhoek Valley, renowned for its symphony of natural scents, including the earthy notes of morning dew, a mix of Boland grasses and fynbos, and the comforting scent of rural hearth fires scents, has welcomed a new addition to its landscape – the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting from La Motte Wine Estate’s new Artisanal Bakery & Garden Café. Rooted in the heart of this picturesque valley, La Motte invites guests to experience a harmonious blend of tradition, nature, and culinary excellence.

Sharing the Essence of Home
Nestled within the historic werf of La Motte, the estate’s Artisanal Bakery & Garden Café is the brainchild of Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg and her family. A celebration of cherished memories from their upbringing and life on the farm, the Bakery offers a chance to partake in the simplicity of life’s pleasures – from freshly brewed coffee to oven-fresh bread. The cosy ambience and profound sense of home make it the ideal spot to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

A Journey into Culinary Tradition
Guided by the expertise of Markus Färbingher, acclaimed for his work with Ile de Pain, the Artisanal Bakery & Garden Café is a tribute to the timeless art of breadmaking. With a wood-fired oven designed and crafted by Four Grand-Mere in France, the Bakery’s team of skilled bakers crafts an array of fresh delights every week, celebrating the ancient glory of bread.

Savouring Seasonal Delights
The menu is a reflection of the changing seasons. It starts with simple yet original choices, like the signature Croissant 1837, the nostalgic mosbolletjies, and a cultured slice of bread accompanied by farm-fresh butter and raw honey. The breakfast options span from granola to cinnamon oats, mieliepap, and inventive egg dishes like La Motte’s take on Eggs Benedict. For lunch, open sandwiches, summer salads, and savoury selections like plankie steak await. The sweets selection pays homage to South African favourites, offering treats like lemon meringue, melktert, and ystervarkies. Guests have the opportunity to take home the bakery’s artisanal bread and pastries, as well as explore a curated collection of lifestyle items and gifts.

Unwind and Indulge
Whether seeking a scenic spot for a coffee rendezvous or a tranquil setting for afternoon refreshments, the bakery has something for every palate. A diverse range of coffee and tea selections grace the menu, while the drinks menu offers spritzers, fresh juices, frappés, cocktails, and La Motte’s renowned wines at cellar-door prices. Enthusiasts can also explore the historic cellar next door to the bakery, which welcomes guests for wine tastings. While you’re there, be sure to order La Motte’s 2017 Hanneli R., named after La Motte’s owner, the wine is produced only in vintages of superior quality and will rise to any occasion.

A Blend of Past and Present
The Artisanal Bakery & Garden Café found its home within the esteemed Jonkershuis, a Cape Dutch building with roots dating back to 1752. Seamlessly marrying historical charm with modern elements, the structure features contemporary glass and steel extensions that offer indoor and outdoor seating. This redesign encourages a harmonious flow between interior and exterior, inviting guests to explore the estate’s picturesque gardens with ancient oak trees, sprawling lawns, a serene pond, and a playful farmyard-inspired playground.

Your Invitation to La Motte
The allure of La Motte Wine Estate’s Artisanal Bakery & Garden Café beckons to all seeking a sensory journey through nature, tradition, and culinary artistry. A visit to this haven promises an escape from the ordinary and an embrace of the extraordinary.

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