Klein JAN meets Wolfgat

When two worlds collide

During the month of September, Klein JAN and Wolfgat will unite as two of South Africa’s top chefs, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen and Kobus van der Merwe, come together for a groundbreaking collaboration that celebrates local flavours, sustainability and world-class South African cuisine. 

Inspired by the rich bounty of their surroundings, Chef Jan Hendrik will venture to the picturesque West Coast to Wolfgat in Paternoster, while Chef Kobus will delve into the breathtaking landscapes of the Kalahari at Klein JAN. This unique concept bridges the gap between these two remarkable culinary worlds, bringing a taste of the West Coast to the Kalahari and vice versa.


Both restaurants have a shared commitment to sourcing ingredients directly from their immediate surroundings, supporting local small businesses in the West Coast and Kalahari regions. Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from this unique collaboration will be donated to charity, furthering their positive impact on the communities they cherish.


Join us for this exclusive culinary affair on the following dates:

• Wolfgat: 18 & 19 September

• Klein JAN: 22 & 23 September


Witness the dynamic duo in action as they forage for local ingredients and explore each other’s domains and their shared vision for culinary excellence. 


“As chefs, we have a duty to preserve and celebrate the richness of our local ingredients and culinary heritage,” says Jan Hendrik, visionary behind Klein JAN. “Collaborating with Chef Kobus allows us to showcase the diversity and beauty of South Africa’s cuisine.”

Images: Stacey Knipe, Hanfred Rauch, Hanru Marais, Jac De Villiers

Kobus van der Merwe, the creative force behind Wolfgat, adds, I was born and raised in the Kalahari, actually not very far from where restaurant Klein Jan currently operates. So this collaboration to me feels like a homecoming.”


While bookings for Klein JAN have already closed, there’s still a chance for one lucky person and their companion to experience this extraordinary culinary event on the 23rd of September. Chef Jan Hendrik is giving away two seats at the table, and all it takes to qualify is to order a copy of JAN the Journal Vol 11 before 31 August at JANonline.com. The winner of this incredible experience will be selected in a random draw and announced in September. The prize excludes transport and accommodation. To qualify, place your order here. 

About Klein JAN: 

Creating Restaurant Klein JAN has been Chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen’s great homecoming project. Growing up on a farm in South Africa’s rural Mpumalanga province, he felt an instant connection to the vastness of the Kalahari and knew that the time had come to return the spirit of JAN – his Michelin-star restaurant in Nice – to home soil.

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About Wolfgat: 

Nestled in the coastal town of Paternoster, Wolfgat is a coastal restaurant with a seafood focused menu, and the brainchild of Chef Kobus van der Merwe, whose extraordinary vision and culinary artistry have earned him numerous accolades. Dishes showcase local fish and shellfish, enhanced by wild herbs, seaweeds and succulents unique to the region. In season, some courses may include lamb or venison.

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