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The Rendezvous Series

Introducing the JAN Rendezvous Series

 There’s no denying I’m a nostalgic person, anyone who knows me will know one of my favourite things to do in the kitchen is explore new ways to revisit and innovate dishes from my past, I have an affinity for beautiful antiques, and anything vintage is usually a hit with me style-wise.

That said, I’m not scared to explore new developments in the kitchen, in my business, or everywhere else. One avenue I’ve always loved to explore is new ways to share and engage with others. As the JAN offering and experience expands we’ve dedicated ourselves as a team to finding new and innovative ways to engage with and inspire our followers, and to bring you along on all of our adventures.

Cue our brand new Rendezvous Video Series! Thanks to our growing in-house production and creative team we’re able to bring you along on our day-to-day adventures like never before. This new online experience will include a series of visually decadent mini episode snapshots into the JAN world across both Europe and South Africa, allowing us to connect, explore and learn together. Along with our collaborative partner brands we’re going to share a never-before-seen side of the JAN world with you, from my first Restaurant, JAN, in the breathtaking French Riviera to the sunny JAN Garden and our private dining room and cheese extravaganza Maria, to Restaurant Klein JAN in the breathtaking Kalahari and the JAN Innovation Studio in sunny Cape Town.

It’s not all work and no play though. Come along to explore spaces near and dear to my own heart, from the bustling sensory overload of the Nice markets to the one-of-a-kind antique stores I love to spend hours browsing. You’ll get a glimpse of my own home in Nice, my personal abode and place of peace in between the occasional chaos (complete with my spaniel Elizabeth, of course), as well as my favourite getaway spot, the incredible Italian town of Apricale. Nestled deep in the hills of the Ligurian Alps, Apricale is better suited to a children’s fairytale storybook than the real world, and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Through the Rendezvous Series I hope to show you a new side of the JAN brand and our goal to inspire and innovate through creation and a passion for beautiful things in life. Come on an adventure with us, this is just the beginning.

Look out for new Rendezvous content posted on our social platforms and uploaded exclusively to our YouTube channel and JANonline.com.