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Shellfish in the Sheets

The delightful connections between seafood and sex


 Seafood has been deemed an aphrodisiac for as long as our memory stretches back, which is hardly a surprise considering the word ‘aphrodisiac’ comes from ‘Aphrodite’, AKA the Greek goddess of love and fertility. In Greek mythology Aphrodite, mother of eros, first emerged from the sea on an oyster shell, fueling a millennia long connection between seafood and romance. But recent years and research have proven there are legitimate scientific connections between libido and seafood, and in some cases, truth is stranger than fiction.

Thanks to a combination of great marketing mixed with legend, oysters are now as synonymous with romance as champagne, flowers and chocolates are. In fact, in the eighteenth-century Casanova claimed to have regularly eaten 50 oysters for breakfast to fuel his lothario lifestyle, and legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra allegedly consumed pearls produced by oysters themselves. Stories aside, there are legitimate reasons why oysters can help get you in the mood.

Firstly, they contain a very high zinc content, which increases desire, particularly in men thanks to the increase in testosterone. In fact, just two or three oysters deliver 100% of your recommended daily zinc intake. Oysters also increase the levels of dopamine, “the happy hormone”, which assists with lifting moods and getting us in the mood. Pair that with some champagne and you’re good to go!

Lobster is a top delicious choice for a romantic meal for two. Aside from its obvious status as an ideal date night option, it is also packed with minerals that can get you in the mood for post-date activities. Lobster contains vitamin B-12 which increases energy, promotes fertility, and regulates sex hormones like epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, which is a natural stimulant. As a light protein it is also helpful in boosting dopamine and chemicals in the brain that elevate sensitivity. Check please!

A quintessential date night staple, it turns out that if you prefer salmon sushi you’re more likely to be in the mood once the date comes to an end. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon help maintain the body’s hormone production, including the production of sex hormones, which have a direct influence on our libido. Even better, salmon has been linked to more intense orgasms thanks to the boost in dopamine – a neurotransmitter that stimulates pleasure.

One of the most extravagant aphrodisiacs in the world, caviar has long enjoyed an association with fertility and romance and its high-fat content can help produce sex hormones. Caviar also contains the amino acid L-arginine which increases blood flow, and that in turn is thought to increase desire. It also contains vitamins B5 and B6, known to balance hormone levels, and vitamin A and magnesium which promote health, energy, and immunity in the body.

The cherry on top, antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium in caviar help protect the skin from harmful UV rays and can even slow the appearance of aging. As a result, these fish eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs, not to mention a sexy treat to enjoy with a partner.

Boasting high iodine levels, prawns can help you regulate things like burning energy and muscle control, along with your metabolism. Iodine deficiencies are also proven to reduce sex drive.