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Student Cocktail Collab

Opening Creative Doors For Photography Students Cocktail photography

Recently, JAN Innovation Studio partnered with Rémy Cointreau in creating an online campaign for one of the brand’s most iconic liqueurs, Cointreau. The task? Together, we partnered with Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography – where Jan Hendrik honed his photography skills – to give 14 of the school’s photography students the opportunity to create a beautifully crafted cocktail photography feature that would be just as much at home in the JAN brand as it would be in the Cointreau brand, and have their work featured on the JAN platform.


Each student was supplied the product. They were not expected to become world-class mixologists or stylists, but were encouraged to do their research. Both the JAN and Cointreau brands are built on a rich heritage. JAN straddles the line between traditional South African and French with a twist, while Cointreau comes with a history dating back to 1849. They had to immerse themselves in Jan Hendrik’s recipes, see what else Cointreau has done, but above all, create magic in their own voice.

  • Students had to conceptualise, create and style an original cocktail using Cointreau as the star ingredient.
  • Their styling had to follow the creative direction of the cocktails featured on Janonline.com, meaning there must be an interplay of dark blue and white in the shot. They could use any props or backdrops to achieve that two-toned look, but the balance between the two had to be clear.
  • For each of these photographs, they had to consider the surface, the background, the styling, and the overall look and feel of the shot.

Christiaan Cloete

Liné Dunn

Oliver Heinamann

Daniela Klopper

Oyama Mahlamvu

Anna-Marie Malherbe

CJ Marais

Eryn Paige Montgomery

Sean Pieterse

Gustav Schlechter

Noxolo Sidzumo

Noxolo Silanda

Yamkela Sitshaluza

Kelly Smit


The JAN team, together with client Rémy Cointreau and Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, will select the 5 most successful cocktails to use in their online cocktail campaign, which will feature on the following online platforms, although we would love to get your feedback too! Send your vote to journal@janhendrik.com.