Now as ubiquitous as using a knife and fork, hand sanitiser is a part of our lives, and it’s here to stay. We explore ways to turn this daily must-have into a more refined accessory to a life lived beautifully.

Who would have thought a year ago that every germaphobe’s favourite go-to would become an international legal requirement by the World Health Organisation? ‘No spray, no stay’ has become an accepted way of life. And while there’s no doubt we’re all thrilled to see the back of 2020, the truth is that Covid-19 and it’s strict hygiene protocols are going to be with us for a while.

Likewise, while we don’t want to instil fear in you, knowing that public bathroom dryers, lift buttons, stair rails and ATM machines have alarming rates of bacterial transfer, you may never want to leave home without sanitiser again! With this in mind we look at ways of incorporating sanitiser into your life that will help take the sting out of our new normal.


Layering with differing perfumes has been a thing for many years (we have iconic global perfumer Jo Malone to thank for that), and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the same approach with soaps and sanitisers. While soaps aren’t always practical when you’re out and about, having quality hand soaps at the basins and sinks in your home is your first step to starting your layering journey. You’re using them often – make a ritual out of this necessary occasion and spoil yourself with creamy, dreamy bars of scented soap. At Restaurant Jan in Nice, handwashing has long been a part of the dining ritual. Before each meal, each guest is given an old-fashioned bowl with soap and water – it’s a symbolic (and practical) kickoff between arrival and the commencement of a sensory dining experience (click here to read more).

Once you’ve washed your hands (don’t forget, for at least one ‘Happy Birthday’) with your favourite fragranced soap, finish off the process with a coordinating sanitiser. Citrus scented products are fresh and invigorating, while more evocative scents like rose and magnolia are ideal for bathroom environments.

By layering up, you make sanitiser a luxe part of your daily toilette. Our minds are so powerful that when we associate daily occurrences with an indulgent scent, we can help shift our attitude: having your favourite scented sanitiser with you when on the move can transform a chore into a treat.


So much has been said about sanitiser drying out hands, but a quick peek at ingredients can help in arming yourself and protecting your skin. Aloe Vera is universally acknowledged as a skin nourishing natural ingredient – and its fresh botanical fragrance will be a welcome element too. Meanwhile, just a drop of your favourite essential oil (citrus for zing or lavender as a calmative) can up the fragrance and sensory factor in your sanitiser spray.


We’re excited that so many companies are making sanitisers a little sexier – we deserve it! Here are three that get our vote:

Amanda Jayne

This brand’s candles and room fragrances are well-loved for their intense essential oil blends. Likewise, their new sanitiser contains Rosemary, Lavender and refreshing Eucalyptus oils as well as glycerine to counteract the 76% alcohol content. From R75. Buy here


This all-natural and biodegradable product has one of the most refreshing scents around (a subtle tea tree fragrance). Use it both on surfaces and hands. R59. Buy here

Healing Earth

We like the large dispenser (perfect for busy kitchens and bathrooms) and that the alcohol blend also contains nourishing aloe, lemon verbena and argan oil. R129. Buy here

For a sanitiser to be effective it has to contain between 60% – 95% alcohol. Masquerade’s sanitiser contains 70% alcohol, is unscented and gentle on the hands – and it’s suitable for sanitising surfaces. I’ve been a huge fan of Masquerade since the shop was founded in Franschhoek in 2000, and they continue to wow me. Buy here


This floral and citrusy sanitiser includes tea tree oil as a natiral anti bacterial and will add a delicious layer of perfume to your daily life.

You’ll need: a jug and spoon for mixing, a funnel, suitable container with spray nozzle attachment


75ml alcohol

5 drops vitamin E oil

5 drops lemon essential oil

5 drops orange essential oil

15ml Aloe Vera gel


Mix together well and decant into 50ml spray bottles