The 100+ Flavour Report


South African-based culinary design agency, Studio H has released its 2023 100+ Flavours report, which explores the vast and diverse culinary landscape of South Africa by delving into the cross-cultural cuisines that shape it.

100+ Flavour Report Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen thumbnail image
100+ Flavour Report
100+ Flavour Report
100+ Flavour Report

Hannerie Visser, Founder and Creative Director of Studio H, says: “Through our ongoing consultation work and curation of projects over the years – mostly for food brands – we have identified an urgent need for comprehensive, accurate archiving of South African food knowledge.”

Collaborating with renowned food anthropologist Dr. Anna Trapido, Studio H has created a series of reports, with 100+ Flavours being the first one of the series.

This report sheds light on the significant impact that colonialism, apartheid, poverty, and dispossession have had on the consumption patterns of South Africans, and delves into the social, economic, political, and psychological stories that are intricately woven into every dish, from soured sorghum ting to biltong. 

According to Anna, the report aims to stimulate debate and wet appetites for further epicurean investigation.

The 100+ Flavours report can be purchased and downloaded on Studio H’s new online platform.