The Sparkling Saga

Cap Classique embodies joie de vivre – the South African way. Toast life’s great moments with these special bubbles.  


The realm of sparkling wines is a captivating world, brimming with elegance and a rich history, cherished by wine enthusiasts and those who simply love to toast to life’s grand moments. Let’s talk Champagne, the grand dame of sparkling wines. Champagne’s tale is as lively as the bubbles in your glass. Perfected by diligent Benedictine monks and embraced by the regal courts of Europe, it has become a timeless symbol of celebration and refinement.


While Champagne was earning its place on the global stage, South Africa was quietly preparing for its own sparkling wine debut. The 1970s witnessed the birth of Cap Classique, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s winemaking history. Crafted with precision using the traditional méthode champenoise, Cap Classique reflects South Africa’s aspirations to shine in the global wine scene.


Emboldened by ancient South African soil and a handful of winemakers bubbling with brilliance, today Cap Classique exudes a unique charm in the local wine scene – the cool green apple bite of Elgin, the Breede River’s beaming acidity, and Franschhoek’s lively fruits. No longer begging for occasion, bubbly is finding its way into the everyday glass – whether you’re in the flute or coupe camp. Cap Classique is a sparkling testament to South Africa’s winemaking prowess, and it loves to dazzle and delight. The emergence of Cap Classique in South Africa has given the world of sparkling wines much to celebrate. It is a symbol of luxury, merriment, and a nod to humanity’s innate desire for lively, splendid times and, of course, remarkable wine. So, when you’re toasting with a spirited Cap Classique, remember to celebrate life’s journey and embrace its beauty.


In the world of luxury, sparkling wine isn’t just a beverage; it’s the exclamation point of celebration. The popping cork isn’t just the sound of opening a bottle; it’s the prelude to endless possibilities, the making of cherished memories, and the taste of life’s golden moments. A bottle of Cap Classique is an emblem of prosperity and an essential ingredient to elevate any grand occasion. This journey from Champagne’s illustrious roots to South Africa’s sparkling star, Cap Classique isn’t just about wine; it’s about the spirit of adventure and innovation. It’s about people daring to redefine the art of celebration, one cork pop at a time. So, let’s raise a glass and say cheers to this enduring tradition, the sparkling bubbles, and the contagious joy they bring. Here’s to these effervescent delights, the joie de vivre.

Terre Paissible Vivre 2019

Set against the backdrop of the Franschhoek Valley’s terroir, Terre Paissible’s foray into Cap Classique is met with excitement. As one would expect from world class bubbles, the wine has seen extensive lees contact and subsequently an extensive period of time in bottle before being released.