From Brioche to Binoche

Food on flight . . .

Let’s spare a thought for in-flight dining, though it could warrant a book of its own. While some airlines are improving, I’m endlessly intrigued by the challenge of catering to so many palates in the skies above unfamiliar lands.

My airline of choice, Air France, enlists the expertise of Michelin-starred Chef Anne Sophie Pic to design menus, underscoring their commitment to quality. It’s fascinating to see how each country interprets her recipes with local ingredients and techniques, revealing disparities in quality. Our Johannesburg-based chefs pulled it off pretty decent, in my opinion.  

Adding to my culinary journey was the delightful discovery of my favourite actress, Juliette Binoche, starring in the latest must-watch foodie film, “THE TASTE OF THINGS,” available onboard. For two captivating hours, I was transported into the realm of classic French cuisine, revelling in the meticulous preparation depicted on screen. The raw emotion and superb filmmaking allow viewers to savour each moment. 

Upon my return to Nice, I’m going straight to my kitchen to recreate a pot-au-feu with seasonal market finds and the pivotal poached pear fripé using autumn’s lingering harvest. 


Watch the trailer: