Fried chorizo & red onion


I love those festive times of the year when we find all sorts of reasons to get together, cook lavishly and kuier like there’s no tomorrow. But when the party’s over and the dust has settled, there’s something really great about going back to basics. And I mean super basic, like something-on-or-with-bread basic. However – and I stand firmly by this – there’s never any reason to compromise on taste. Food should at all times bring joy. And I always marvel at the simplicity (and understated awesomeness) of this paprika-infused sausage with a crusty French bread.

Despite its ingredients being really hard to find in Middelburg, paella was a hot favourite of my mother’s for about three years during the 90s, and chorizo is the official paella sausage. But it was always my favourite part of the dish, no matter how well the flavours complemented each other. So to me, there’s no reason not to single chorizo out and make it the centrepiece of a delicious, easy-peasy Friday-night dinner for two. I love a good boerewors, but when I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself whenever JAN has run out, chorizo is my rebound wors. Like boerewors, it’s completely unique in flavour. True chorizo is fermented, cured and smoked, and can be eaten without being cooked. But I love giving it a quick fry in the pan to release its smoky, paprika-infused juices into the oil, which makes a simply delicious sauce to mop up off your plate when it’s all gone.


Halve 2 small, peeled red onions and slice thinly. Heat about 30 ml of olive oil in a pan, add the onion and fry until soft. Slice a 225 g chorizo sausage and add to the onions. Fry the chorizo with the onion for about 6 minutes. Serve a bread of your choice.

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