JAN the Journal Volume Seven


As we take our first steps, kaalvoet on Kalahari sand, the Journal, which has narrated our journey for almost four years now, must evolve too. For the first time since the Journal’s launch in 2018, Volume 7 has been chapterised into four points of view, each representing a different pillar of the JAN brand – JAN Innovation Studio, Restaurant JAN, Klein JAN and Tswalu Kalahari – and reveals Jan Hendrik and his team’s culinary journey by sharing every recipe’s development process step by step. As with every issue of the Journal, a strong theme of heritage anchors the recipes in the book, but each legacy recipe has also been reimagined for a modern palate, showing both dishes and their recipes side by side. Taking its cue from these culinary innovations, Volume 7 explores the future of food and investigates the core skills needed to master ingredients and flavours to use them more creatively like never before! And in a beautiful Kalahari-infused visual essay, Jan Hendrik takes you on a personal tour of Klein JAN and the land that shapes his soul.

Every copy of JAN the Journal Volume 7 has been dressed up in a gorgeous dust jacket with a surprise in the lining.

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