Before The Horizon

Reigniting Our Passion for the Journey

The need to travel is a deeply human trait that some believe hails from our nomadic past as a species. So, when struck by a worldwide pandemic, we often react in a way synonymous with a sense of having our wings clipped. But in such introspective times, we tend to rediscover the world before the horizon – the one we hardly ever notice – and find that it, like us, has changed.

In the meantime, however – sometime between the introduction of the budget airline and Uber – we appear to have lost something of our sense of adventure. What happened to the romance of the train journey, the nostalgia of the road trip, planning ahead about what padkos you were going to make, and the discoveries we made on foot? By moving from bubble to bubble, we deny ourselves so many of those tactile experiences we can only have when we don’t live life in fast-forward.

In these times, when so many of our basic freedoms seem to have been taken away from us, it’s easy to lose our sense of optimism – especially when the world beyond the horizon seems so far away. But dwell a little longer in old familiar territory, reignite your passion for discovering your own country all over again, and you’ll find that you never lost your appetite for adventure. The journey is closer than it was before.

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The Inspiration
Coach Blue is inspired by the freedom and optimism of an American road trip. Invigorating and aromatic, it evokes blue skies, open roads and cool breezes. 

The Notes
Top: Lime Oil, Absinthe, Grapefruit

Heart: Ozone Accord, Black Pepper, Cedar Leaf

Base: Cedarwood, Amber, Sandalwood

Perfumer: Juliette Karagueuzoglou

The Coach Story
Coach, the original American house of leather, was founded in 1941 in the heart of Manhattan. Today, it is a leading design house of modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections, with a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship. Defined by a free-spirited, all-American attitude, the brand approaches design with a modern vision, reimagining luxury for today with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely Coach. All over the world, the Coach name is synonymous with effortless New York style.