Crispy Bobotie Chip


Two things that shout comfort food to me are bobotie and the words, deep fried. So, when the thought occurred to me to combine the two, I had to figure it out. Bobotie’s already quite rich, so by deep frying it, you would need to keep the portion size small. Perfect for a starter! From there, I layered it with rice and used a lean ostrich mince to strike the right balance of richness. The result is an instant new go-to for something to tantalise the tastebuds before the main event!

Crispy Bobotie Chip

Serves: 8 | Cooking Time: 1 hour 20 min | Preparation Time: 20 min | Freezing time: 3 hours


for the bobotie

45 ml olive oil

20 ml butter, salted

500 g ostrich mince

1 onion, finely chopped

1 carrot, julienne

15 ml curry powder

10 ml turmeric powder

1 ml ground ginger

2 ml ground cumin

5 ml ground coriander

150 ml beef stock

80 ml chutney

50 g sultanas

125 ml water

150 ml Spekko Long Grain White Rice

salt and freshly ground black pepper

for the crumb

50 g cake flour, seasoned

3 eggs, beaten

50 ml Spekko Long Grain White Rice

80 g fine dried breadcrumbs

400 ml canola oil

salt and freshly ground black pepper


for the bobotie

Heat the olive oil and butter in a large cast iron pot, fry the onions until translucent add the carrots and ostrich mince. Fry until cooked and add the dried spices and Spekko rice, stir in the chutney, water and beef stock, and allow to simmer for 30 minutes, add the sultanas and cook for another 20 minutes or until the rice is cooked. Keep an eye on the liquid: if it’s cooking a bit dry, add more water.

Press the mixture into a 20 x 20 cm pan. Place in the freezer until ice cold. Turn the rice mixture out onto your work surface. Slice into 2 cm x 8 cm strips.

for the crumb

in a jug blender, blend the raw rice until a fine powder and mix with the breadcrumbs, season with salt and pepper and place in bowl.

Crumb the bobotie chips by coating in a bowl with the cake flour, and then dipping the chips into the beaten egg and roll them in the fine breadcrumb mixture. Place in the fridge for 10 minutes while you heat the oil to a medium heat. Fry until golden brown and serve with chutney.