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“Like tasting a sauce and adding more of this and less of that until it is just right for the chef’s palate, so these wines were constructed.  I hope they play a role in helping the world to discover the magic of South African wines”.

With wine having played a profound role in the culinary journey which led to his becoming South Africa’s first Michelin-starred chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen has launched his own wine label.

“For me, the relationship between food and wine is unquestioningly symbiotic and it is impossible to think of the one without the other,” says Jan Hendrik. “I began to understand this as a young trainee chef in Stellenbosch, and since moving to France the importance of wine as a partner to gastronomy was further instilled, as here it is of almost religious importance.” 

Since opening JAN in Nice, not only has the menu included enticing plays on South African traditional cuisine, but Jan Hendrik has made a point of placing wines from this homeland on the wine-list.