Eggs and Soldiers


The egg must be one of the most well loved ingredients. I mean, there are entire cookbooks dedicated to its versatility. But despite all the dishes you can create with an egg, I still find that, the simpler, the better. And while we find ourselves in the throes of another lockdown in South Africa, some of us might yearn for a bit of luxury. Turn your kitchen into your new favourite breakfast spot with this reimagined egg and soldier breakfast. Luuks!


TIME: 1 hour | SERVES: 6

for the clarified bacon butter
250 g streaky bacon
250 g (270 ml) butter
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
2 sprigs fresh thyme
for the hollandaise
150 g clarified bacon butter
15 ml white wine vinegar
85 g NuLaid Free Range egg yolks
15 ml Dijon mustard
30 ml water
20 ml lemon juice
for the soldiers
6 slices white bread
10 ml of the clarified bacon butter
for the confit egg yolks
6 NuLaid Free Range egg yolks
the remaining bacon clarified butter
for the mushrooms
15 ml olive oil
250 g variety of mushrooms, thinly sliced
salt and freshly ground black pepper
for the bacon clarified hollandaise
Place the bacon, butter, garlic and thyme in a large saucepan, then place on a low heat and allow the butter to melt. When the milk solids and fat separate, the milk solids will rise to the top. Spoon and skim off all the milk solids. Strain the remaining butter mixture through a fine sieve.
Weigh out 150 g of the clarified butter. Pour the butter into a resealable, biodegradable plastic bag. Add the white wine vinegar, egg yolks, mustard, water and lemon juice. Seal the bag. Heat a large saucepan with water to 70 °C. Place the bag in the water and poach for 30 minutes. Check the temperature regularly with a thermometer. Remove the bag from the water and pour the contents into a jug. Blend with a stick blender until smooth.
NOTE: if you have a siphon gun, charge it with two cream chargers to provide a more luxurious texture.
for the soldiers
Heat the oven to 160 °C. Cut circles out of the bread using a cookie cutter that is larger than the cup. Brush both sides of each bread circle with the butter.
Place the bread circle on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Place another piece of baking paper on top of the bread and weigh it down with another baking tray. Place in the oven for 15 minutes. Take out and halve each circle.
for the confit egg yolk
Place the remaining clarified butter in a saucepan. Heat the butter to 65 °C.
Carefully place the egg yolks into the butter and confit for 35 minutes. Carefully remove the egg yolks from the butter.
for the mushrooms
Heat a saucepan to a high heat. Once hot, pour in the olive oil. Add the mushrooms and sauté until caramelised. Season with salt and pepper.
to assemble
Spoon the mushrooms into small espresso cups. Place an egg yolk on top and season with salt. Fill the cup with the bacon hollandaise. Place a half circle toast on top of each cup and garnish with thinly sliced mushrooms and edible flowers. Enjoy!
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