Braaied Pavlova Cake

A braaied pavlova cake is the simplest dessert you can make this Mother’s Day, but it will still be a showstopper with its symphony of ...
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Chamomile île Flottante

A wonderful, weirdly French dessert, featuring meringue floating on a sea of custard. Think of a floral Sunday custard with a bite of soft, sweet ...
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Chocolate Hollow Eggs Filled With Homemade Mousse

Chocolate hollow eggs are synonymous with Easter. So when the Forage And Feast Dark Chocolate Hollow Eggs appeared on the shelves of Checkers, I knew ...
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Raspberry Trifle

Ouma's Swiss roll was legend. I would always hide one out of sight, either by slipping it into her handbag or taking one back to ...
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JAN-Terre Paisible Olive Oil Ice Cream-1

Rose and Olive Oil Ice Cream

I often find some of the best meals are created from unexpected ...
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One of my favourite things about traveling is discovering a new dish, but sometimes it’s getting reacquainted with an old favourite.
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JAN-Cinnamon Panna Cotta_Feature

Cinnamon Panna Cotta with Melon Jelly

Panna cotta is traditionally an Italian dessert but this recipe gives it an enchanting Kalahari twist.
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JAN-White Chocolate Truffle-Spekko_Feature

White Chocolate Truffles

Did you know that a twist of fate in a 1920’s French ...
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JAN - Plant-based milk tart-8535

Milk Tart with Rice Pudding Shell

I probably used to be more of a milk tart purist, but how can I be? I’ve used it as inspiration in a number of ...
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JAN - Baguette and foie gras-1

Chicken Liver Pâté and French Baguette

The whole point of a picnic is to be casual about it, unfussy – a literal walk in the park. Or is it?
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Vanilla Glazed Grape and Custard Tart

I feel like I’ve been chasing milk tart since I was a child. When it comes to deciding on a tart filling, custard has to ...
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Pampoenkoekie Brownies

It’s the thing about brownies. They’re so willing to play dress-up that, it’s so easy to give them a taste of home.
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JAN-Biltong Croissant

Biltong Croissants

I don’t remember ever having a biltong croissant, do you? Why aren’t they more popular? I mean, it’s basically a biltongbroodjie.
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Carrot Cake Flapjacks

There are some household brands that have been a part of the South African pantry for decades, and with every new generation, with a tweak ...
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JAN - Gluten-free Chocolate Cake-2079

Rich Chocolate Torte with Peach Preserve

It’s always a good idea to have a rich, chocolatey trick up your sleeve.
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JAN - Pastorie Chicken Pies-0382

Pastorie Chicken Pies

The best thing about one-pot-wonders, like Pastorie Chicken, is the leftovers. When pulled off the bone ...
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JAN-Rusk Cake

Lemon Rusk and White Chocolate Mousse Trifle

Each layer of this dessert is a tribute to the art of indulgence and proof that opposites really do attract!
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JAN-Kellogs Giant Cookie

Kellogg’s All-In-One Cookie

I could never condone binge eating (and get away with it), but if you were to gobble up, say, five of these in one sitting, ...
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If you've never heard of it, the doekpoeding is very similar to a fruit cake, but not as involved. It does boast one of ...
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Klein JAN_Hanfred Rauch_June 2023-3

Lemon and Rooibos Trifle

When coming up with new recipe ideas, one of my favourite things is to take one idea and flip it on its head. In this ...
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JAN-Moerkoffie Melkkos

Koffie Melkkos

On the farm, this was a big breakfast treat, especially on Saturday mornings when there was nowhere to go in a rush.
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JAN-Chocolate and Beetroot Gateaux

Chocolate Mousse with Beetroot Marshmallow

This delectable charmer challenges our idea of what constitutes a dessert (just when we thought beetroot had no more surprises left up its sleeve)
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JAN - High Tea-Custard Choux Buns

Quince Preserve with Caramel and Custard Choux Buns

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to put together a glamorous high tea.
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JAN - Apple Cake

Apple and Pistachio Tart

This apple tart has been my personal go-to for more than 10 years.
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Leg of lamb

Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb, Basmati Rice and Radicchio Salad

Leg of lamb is a bit like a braaibroodjie. No, hear me out… To born and ...
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Roasted Marrow Bones, Oxtail and Ale Broth With Long Grain White Rice

There’s a touch of sophistication to marrow bones that I’ve always relished for the fact that ...
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Charcuterie platter

Mediterranean Charcuterie Board

Whether you’re having a picnic, party or date night, a platter is always a great idea. ...
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JAN-Spekko Stuffed Apples2

Biltong Crusted Lamb with Rice Filled Apples

The aromas I enjoyed while trying this out took me right back to my childhood and the joys of spending Christmas with my loved ones.
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JAN-Lamb Pie


When you allow yourself to journey to the Kalahari, you get intimately acquainted with the Karoo. ...
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JAN - SPEKKO Bobotie Balls-2697


As we start to think of our festive feasts – and gathering again – we’ll definitely ...
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JAN - Vetkoek and mince-19


One of my fondest memories of growing up was when, on those odd occasions when I ...
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I love my South African heritage, so I sometimes feel that I don’t share my favourite ...
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JAN - Chicken Pie

Festive Chicken and Potato Pie

As I start to think ahead to upcoming Christmas celebrations and all of the favourite festive ...
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JAN - Bacon wrapped chicken-174


Roast chicken is as classic as they come; a Sunday lunch staple. But every Sunday? Well, ...
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JAN - Duck and Rice-16-3 copy

Portuguese Rice and Duck

Something about this traditional Portuguese dish reminds me of South Africa’s Spice Route era,
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Chicken Brioche_Thumbnail

Chicken Brioche Pies

You know when you try something new in the kitchen, not sure how it’s going to ...
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The tartly sweet twist that the chicken breast has been waiting for, with a Mustard Beurre Blanc sauce.
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Flavoured with tarragon, these quails are cooked following the traditional method. This bittersweet herb is similar ...
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Duck with red wine plum sauce

Collaborating with Pierneef à la Motte’s executive chef on a recipe for JAN the Journal Volume ...
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JAN_Chicken Pie Recipe_thumbnail


While lean chicken breast makes a great salad, I wouldn’t recommend it for baking a pie.
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Grilled Kingklip with green tea


I wouldn’t call myself a tea snob, but ever since moving to Nice, I’ve ...
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Quick and Easy Bouillabaisse

Pronounced boo-ya-bess, it’s arguably the most famous fish stew to come out of France ...
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Brown Rice Cigars

For any movie marathon – whether planning a movie night or working your way ...
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Sushi rice balls

Jasmine Rice and Salmon Balls

You know when you get a craving for something you have no idea how ...
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Himalayan Pink Salt seared scallops

Himalayan Pink Salt Seared Scallops

The kitchen is a creative space. I know immediately when I walk into someone’s ...
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JAN-Oysters four ways

Oysters Four Ways

Being back in South Africa for a while has got me in the mood for one of those light, late-summer seafood dishes...
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Vetkoek stokkies

Vetkoek Stokkies with a Trout Pâté

We recently started making “grasbrood” at Klein JAN; long, thin bread sticks hidden in ...
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RICE 1-min

Chicken and Rice Bites with Prawns and Bok Choy

Whenever I want to make a fresh start, I go for freshness in my meals and these chicken and rice bites are a favourite.
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Beetroot and Prickly Pear Grain Salad

There’s a great sense of achievement in mastering the classics and getting your head around a difficult recipe, but you know what? This is not ...
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JAN - Picnic Salad-1413

Pickled Tomato and Cherry Picnic Salad

I’ve always felt that picnics should form a category of food all on its own. Think ...
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Sweetcorn and coffee tart

Sweetcorn and Coffee Tart

Every now and again when I return to France, instead of indulging in the array of ...
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plant based rice croquettes

Cape Malay Spiced Rice Croquettes

Ever since I was little, I always missed someone the most on the day I knew ...
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Poké Bowl

First Bloom Poké Bowl

I’ve often found that, the moment you tell someone you’re a chef, they immediately assume you’re ...
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JAN - Plant based pizza--3

Pan Fried Pizza with Cashew Nut ‘Mozzarella Cheese’

One of the first things I realised when I started exploring plant-based cooking more seriously was ...
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Mushroom leek cannellini bean and spinach pot pies

Mushroom, Leek, Cannellini Beans and Spinach Pies

Who said meat-free should ever mean comfort-free? It’s not all salads and umami-suffused lentils. There’s no ...
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Olive bread with tomato tartare

Olive Bread With Tomato Tartare

The moment I decided to really start exploring plant-based cooking, I knew I wasn’t going to ...
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A sweet easy-to-make treat
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The Six Pillars of Taste

What can we learn from the older generations, the oumas and the nonnas, about cooking and consuming food? The answer is simple.
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The Art of Our Grandmothers’ Cooking

What can we learn from the older generations, the oumas and the nonnas, about cooking and consuming food? The answer is simple.
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JAN - Forage and Feast Valentines Cake8_Feature

A Slice of Romance

Delight your special someone with the sweetest romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day – a special cake crafted with love and meant for sharing.
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JAN-De Grendel Merlot-21

When Cheese Talks Wine

Sip, savour, and embark on the convergence of language in describing both cheese and wine. Now, you might be wondering, "What do these cheesy delights ...
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